Thursday, June 30, 2005

June 30th People Reflection

Thursday 6/30/2005
Mark 10.32-52-Open my eyes to see Jesus death and resurrection- to see
humble service- open my eyes
2 Samuel 24-Trust God-Confess my sin and live
Hosea 4.1-11a-Don?t turn away from God- Repent and follow him
Psalm 145.8-14-God?s love is steadfast-merciful-compassionate
Judges 10.1-2-Named and given a purpose by God
Psalm 34-Boast in God- he is faithful and will deliver me

?May I have your attention please. The drop-off area on level B is for
passenger drop-off and pick-up only. Any car left parked in this area
will be promptly towed at the owners expense.? ? Over and over I heard
this message yesterday as we were at the Jacksonville Airport with my
nephew. I think God was in that man?s voice- ?May I have your
attention please?? ? God wants my attention ? he want?s me to listen
to him ? to confess my sin ? to repent and follow him- to trust in him
and to live- He guides me with instruction for my own good and for the
good of others- If I left my car parked in the drop-off area- I would
cause others issues with dropping off their family and friends- So in
God?s law he opens my eyes to the needs of others- he opens my heart
to be compassionate towards others ? to think of and love others and
to see his steadfast-merciful-compassionate love?God opens my heart to
give this same love to others- to help the lost- to give direction to
the traveler who is in a panic?For through God?s law I can boast that
he saved me by a love so great that he sent his Son to suffer and die
on a cross for my failure to live up to that law ? and his Son rose
from the dead to give me the free gift of everlasting life- God named
me and gave me a purpose when he also called me in my baptism to live
my life for him- Did God speak yesterday? ? yea! ? through some
mechanical sounding ?official sounding ? declaration of the law of the
airport and through the Son he gave to me?God delivered me.

Prayer- Father-help me to hear you voice- to seek your guidance and
to follow you ? I ask you to forgive my sin and fill me with your
steadfast-merciful-compassionate love ? send me out full of your love
and grace to share your message with the world I go into today- with
the people I meet this day- thank you for making me special and I will
boast in you alone ? you are God and I give you all the thanks and
praise for another day. -- Amen

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June 28th - 29th People Reflections

Tuesday 6/28/2005
Mark 9.2-50-Jesus glory shines brightly
2 Samuel 22- You opened the heavens like curtains, and you came down
Hosea 2.2-23-Stay with God
1 Corinthians 3.16-23-Don?t be deceived-if I think I am wise- I need
to become a fool for Christ
Romans 6.1-14-Consider yourself dead to sin and alive to God in Christ
Psalm 119.129-136-The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts
understanding to the simple

Seth, Seth and Dave?God spoke through them yesterday- I was sitting on
the beach in Florida- they approached me asking if they could ask me a
few questions ? I was wondering if this was going to be an audition
for a game show- They were with Campus Crusade for Christ?it was a
real nice conversation- their intentions were completely good- their
approach really stunk though?I was grilled with questions- did I
believe in heaven ? did I believe in hell- what would I say to a
friend to bring them to Christ- on and on with what was to be five
questions?so I stopped it for a minute?I heard God working through
these young men ? I heard God speaking through their intentions- but I
also saw the devil twisting it into a works righteousness thing- I saw
the devil turning people away from God by a test of knowledge- a test
of knowledge of a few verses memorized from a pamphlet?so I explained
to these young men ? that we need to reach out in compassion to each
other ? especially those who aren?t Christian- not stand in judgment
of some answers to questions memorized- not stand in judgement of some
Bible verses pre-planned down some pre-determined reasoning?I
explained to Seth, Seth, and David that God is present right here and
now- all around us- and we need to reach out in compassion to those on
the beach and act in helping ways- tell their story of how Jesus is
active in their lives- what he has done for them- tell their story of
why they believe and offer God?s grace to each person on the beach ?
witness to what God has really done in their own lives?not give a test
on answers to specific question- how is Jesus alive in your life? ?
tell me why you believe in Jesus and what he does for you?- and since
you claim to be Christian ? how have you responded to God?s call-
God?s purpose?Let?s pray for your ministry and praise God here on this
beach ? right now in front of the glory of his creation- in front of
that ever-living water we witness right here and now?so we prayed- we
prayed for the Campus Crusade for Christ- we prayed for these young
men and the lives they were developing- the journey they were on- and
we prayed that Christ would call and lead them all up and down the
beach to reach out and touch the lives of others by just telling their
own story of how Jesus is alive and gracious to each one of them and
to all of us?Did God speak yesterday- Yea- Through some young men ?
going up and down the beach- in a different manner than they started ?
these men left saying- ?Now we?ll move on to someone who doesn?t know
Christ.? ? To that I heard and saw God active in some young men

Prayer- Lord- give me the faith and boldness to witness to you ? to
tell my story ? to tell of how you are in my life ? to tell how you
heal- to tell how you always come down- to tell of your story of death
to life- to tell how all this happens to me ? to tell the story of the
church- to tell the story of your people and your love for those
people- to tell- to tell ? to tell- Lord lead me this day to tell of
you and to praise you and give you all the honor and glory. It?s not a
test- you passed that test years ago- I?m here to tell. ? Amen

Wednesday 6/29/2005
Mark 10.1-31-It?s not easy to get into heaven- give up everything-
even your life-you must trust God
2 Samuel 23-Serve God throughout life
Hosea 3-Even though I sin God still loves me
Mark 8.27-35-Deny myself- lose my life- take up my cross and follow
Matthew 16.15-23-Jesus suffered, died and rose again to free me from
sin and give me everlasting life
Psalm 149-Praise the LORD!

A bug?- A sea creature?- A huge cockroach?- And a compassionate lady?
That?s how God spoke yesterday through people- I don?t know what this
thing was?on the beach ? a lady next to me gets up and picks up this
thing on the beach that a bird was picking at?I just figured it was
something those birds liked to eat- I had no compassion for this thing
what so ever?but the lady next to me did?she didn?t want that bird to
eat this ugly thing?I figured ? who cares what that bird eats- I eat
cows, chickens, fish and all sorts of other things- so what if this
bird wants to eat this ugly thing?so the lady brings this ugly thing
over to me- shows it to me- we had been talking earlier ? she tells me
this ugly thing was on her son earlier and she put it back in the
ocean- she didn?t even know what it was- but she didn?t want the bird
to eat it ? we look at it- I tell her I don?t have the slightest idea
what the hell that thing is and I would have let the bird eat it if
the bird wanted to?but no?she had compassion for this ugly thing- so
she rinsed it off and took it back out into the ocean?an hour or so
goes by and the lady jumps up again- there is that ugly thing again-
washed back up ? she takes it way out in the ocean ? gently rinses it
off again ? shows it to her husband ? and puts it back in the ocean-
this time way out there?I think maybe that lady was like Jesus- she
had compassion on this ugly thing- just like Jesus has compassion for
me?when I get in trouble and the birds start picking at me- Jesus sees
the needs I have- picks me up ? rinses me in my baptism and returns me
to life ? returns me to serve in God?s kingdom- just like this lady
took the ugly thing back into the ocean?and there I go again- I get
into trouble again- wash back up on shore- and Jesus ? just like the
lady ? doesn?t give up on me- even though I sin ? God still loves me-
he tells me to lose my life- take up my cross and follow him- he tells
me how he would even die for me and defend me from death ? he would
never let this ugly thing be eaten by the bird- so Jesus gently rinses
me off once again and takes me out into the deep water- serve God in
the deep water this time ? have faith and serve God ? praise God with
all I have ? because he loves me so much he is willing to put up with
me washing back to the beach where I?m not supposed to be ? and he
will return me with his love into his kingdom ? trust God?did God
speak to me yesterday?- I think he spoke to me ? that ugly thing
through a compassionate lady.

Prayer- Lord teach me your compassion- teach me to love others just
like you love me- it doesn?t matter the beauty or wealth of another-
but that you have compassion ? teach me to act on the love you have
shown to me ? to act on the love you have given to me- to take up my
cross and follow in your footsteps- this day ? take my life and use it
in your kingdom how you wish- for you are God and I give you
everlasting praise and thanksgiving for the life you have given me?Amen

Monday, June 27, 2005

June 27th People Reflection

Monday 6/27/2005
Mark 8.22-9.1-Jesus heals then he goes on to tell the people to give
up their lives- forget about themselves
2 Samuel 20-21-Another uprising from Sheba against Kind David is
Hosea 1.1-2.1-God saves by his own power
Psalm 97-The LORD is king! Let the earth rejoice
2 Kings 20.1-11-I will heal you
Psalm 18.16-28-God delivers

And I just can?t wait to be King- I sang that yesterday?those words?
then right afterwards I thought ? that?s not true- there is only one
King as far as I?m concerned- and it ain?t me!- I already have a King
is Jesus Christ- a King that heals me- a King that I can be loyal to-
a King that I can give my life to- a King that can be trusted- a King
that gives me all I need- a King that allows me to forget about myself
and serve and love others freely- this King I have is so much better
than some Lion- my King saves me by his own power- he doesn?t need my
help- my King uses me in his Kingdom- and I can proudly declare that
the LORD is King!?Let all the earth rejoice- God sent a King to
deliver us from death and the power of sin?did I hear God speak
through people yesterday?yea?through me?amplified throughout the
auditorium- that?s frightful in itself!?but I heard God speak?I don?t
have to be King?I don?t need to wait to be King ? cause God has taken
care of all that for me?I can serve in his Kingdom and my King treats
me much better than some earthly King- I think I?ll forget about
myself and give my life to the real King.

Prayer- Lord- you are King- you are God- Thank you for taking care of
all my needs- I want to serve you in your Kingdom this day- lead me-
guide me and show me your way of love for all people- I just want you
to be King?no need to wait- you already took care of it?Thank you ----

Sunday, June 26, 2005

June 26th People Reflection

Sunday 6/26/2005
Mark 8.1-21-Jesus feeds four thousand with seven loaves of bread-then
tells the Pharisees about yeast
2 Samuel 19-David returns to power victorious- a grand welcome
Daniel 12-Resurrection-and end times- go about your business in the
Matthew 10.40-42-Welcome Jesus and all his children
Jeremiah 33.10-16-Give thanks to God- he has given us a Savior
Psalm 102.1-18-My time is short- but God lasts forever- I will call on

Be our guest- that was it for yesterday ? An outdoor show on Beauty
and the Beast?Be our guest- wasn?t that what Jesus was doing when he
fed the four thousand- Jesus reaches out to people in compassion- he
saw a need- and met it- think of this bread ? only four thousand? ? I
think Jesus has fed many more than four thousand- endless numbers as
far as I?m concerned- I don?t know how you would or could even count
the people Jesus has fed?and that bread- reminds me of Jesus
birthplace- Bethlehem (house of bread)- what a wonderful town and so
meaningful- God feeds us each day- both physically and spiritually- we
welcomes us home ?as his guest- just like David was welcome back after
the civil war- just like the resurrection will be- our time is short-
but God lasts forever- it?s time I invite a few guests along- tell
them about what Jesus has done- his victory in the war over death and
sin- invite a few people to be guests- Jesus would want that- call on
Jesus and ask him to be my guest- in my heart- in our church- in our
world- he would and has done likewise for all people- yesterday- did
God speak? ? yea?through love- the Beast was changed back into a
prince?be our guest- by Jesus guest- celebrate the love of God and
invite with loving welcome arms the children of God- all children ? to
be the guest in this party of God?s love. ? welcome- be our guest.

Prayer- Lord-today ? be our guest- as we worship and praise your name-
hear our voices in singing- hear our prayers of praise, adoration and
supplication- you are God! ? be our guest this day- come into my heart
and stay a while- teach me ? heal me- give me understanding ? give me
your love then send me?send me into your kingdom to welcome all
children to a party of love- to a Love Feast- to be your guest. -- Amen

Saturday, June 25, 2005

June 25th People Reflection

Saturday 6/25/2005
Mark 7.14-37-Jesus heals people- he is compassionate and very caring-
and among the Gentiles too
2 Samuel 18-A sad story of civil war- David wins- but loses his son
Absalom in battle
Daniel 11.21.45-Battles-people thinking they are powerful- only God is
Romans 6.12-23-Present yourself as one ? brought from death to life-
the free gift of eternal life in Jesus
1 John 4.7-19-We love because he first loved us
Psalm 118-His steadfast love endures forever-This is the day the LORD
has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Yesterday ? God spoke- but I didn?t understand it- I couldn?t figure
out what the words meant- but I did get the meaning- as I traveled
Epcot- from country to country- I could hear people speak languages I
didn?t understand- It made me think today when I see all the battles
between countries- the civil war- the fighting over power- how God is
the ultimate power- how Jesus in the King of the kingdom- how we
always try to force ourselves into power through our own actions-
place ourselves in the place of God- but then I hear the people speak
different languages and don?t understand them- but then again ? I see
the people as they are- people just like you and me- people trying to
live ? trying to understand purpose- trying to understand life- people
with a need for God- we all speak the same language really- oh- I may
not understand them and they may not understand me- but we are the
same in more ways than we are different- we all live on love- we all
look to move from death to life- eternal life- and this is where God
speaks to all- he sent his Son to walk with the Gentiles too- to die
for all people- to rise again from death to life and give all people a
love so deep only God can express it- so how do I respond- I love
because he first loved me- God is the example- God shows love- I must
love these people I can?t understand- I must not hate them but love
them- did God speak yesterday? ? yea- I think he spoke some Spanish-
French-Chinese and some other stuff I don?t have a clue as to what it
was- God speaks- I listen- God spoke yesterday and common language of

Prayer-Lord-today ? let me share your love with someone- let your
light shine through me- forgive my sin and clear up my cloudy glass
and let your light shine- keep me humble and take pride away- for my
only pride in you- the one I love. --- Amen

Friday, June 24, 2005

June 24th People Reflection

Friday 6/24/2005
Mark 7.1-13-We follow our own made up laws but ignore God?s Law
2 Samuel 17-Absalom now begins to chase David
Daniel 11.2-20-What I am going to tell you is certain to happen
Luke 1.57-80-John the Baptist is born- a messenger- an evangelist
Psalm 139-God is always with me

So yesterday ? I heard about imagination- I saw childhood again- I
began to think of the future- I began once again to pretend a little-
to see some magic in life- yea there is some magic to life- well ? not
really magic ? but it seems in my human ways to look like magic- I
know that behind that ?magic? is a loving God- a God that brings and
gives life- like the life of John the Baptist- life with a purpose-
life with a dream to fulfill- it may not be a fairy tale- but John led
a life with purpose- dream- vision and a life that pointed to a better
way- to Jesus- the author of life and dreams and the ultimate magic-
John was a messenger- get ready- prepare yourself- just as in
childhood we prepare ourselves for adult life- we learn ? we dream- we
pretend and act out what will happen in adulthood- sometimes we see
life differently- we are dependent on others- we trust our Mom?s or
Dad?s ? we live for others- and this allows the children to really
have a good point of view- the world lies in front of them-I wonder if
Absalom felt this way when he was a child?- did he dream of being
King??but then we become adults- sometimes we don?t follow the dream-
the plan God would have us follow- we plan our own dreams- and leave
God and the rest of the world out?yesterday- I watched a Disney parade?
the actors on the street with the people would dance and interact with
the crowds- like little kids- having fun- but there were also actors
on a float for everyone to look at?they were in their own little
worlds- separated from the crowds- they were in their own ?bubbles??
had they forgot how to play?- why did they have to be separated from
the crowds?-sometimes when I sin ? I try to take control of my own
little world- put myself into a bubble- separate myself from the
crowds and from God- this is when I sin and need forgiveness- I need
to realize the God is always with me- and I?m with all his children-
not in my own little bubble?yea- yesterday ? I heard God speak through
some children- imagination- interaction with the crowd- dreams- and
the ?magic? of life in God.

Prayer-Lord- let me see the magic of life today- let me feel your
presence- direct my thoughts- my imagination- my pretending- my play
to your purpose- and keep me out of the ?bubble? of adulthood to teach
me how to be a child?A child of God --- Amen

Thursday, June 23, 2005

June 23rd People Reflection

Thursday 6/23/2005
Mark 6.30-56-Jesus teaches then feeds the thousands- prays on the
mountain- walks on water-heals the sick
2 Samuel 16-David?s kingdom has collapsed- but God?s kingdom will
Daniel 10.1-11.1-Devine intervention into history-guardian angels-God
has a plan
Jeremiah 28.5-9-Then the prophet spoke- in the presence of the priests
Philippians 2.5-11-Every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord to the
glory of the Father
Psalm 9.1-10-I will tell of all your wonderful deeds

Yesterday- travel ? travel- travel?But as you go you can?t help but to
look around- yea- there seems to be one constant commercial of
billboards and advertisements- advertisements of all kinds from
peaches, pecans to naked women?you name it ? I think you can find it
on the road on some sign along the way- even advertisements for what
someone thinks God has to say about life- God billboards- no kidding-
but do I need an advertisement- a billboard to figure out what God has
to say?- I really don?t think God speaks to me that way- I can also
look at all the life I am surrounded with- the differences in the
earth- from red clay to sand- the trees- they turn from evergreens to
palm trees- all sorts of vegetation- then there are all the people I
am surrounded with- most are all driving- some working- some moving
about from place to place and others on vacation too?I can see how
Jesus thought the people were like lost sheep- he had compassion on
them- fed them with understanding and took care of their personal
needs of hunger as well- yea- from the car I was in while traveling
yesterday- the world looks pretty confusing if you just go by those
billboards- I would say we were lost sheep- but look and listen real
close- there in all this hustle and bustle of people is a God- present
and in the middle of the crowd- just as Jesus was in the middle of the
crowd- just as God was with David in all the confusion of the Kingdom
of Israel- who is the real King- David?- His son Absolom?-
Miphibosheth??I think if I look around ? I can really see the King-
it?s the one that is with all of us even in this confusing world- even
in this earthly kingdom that has been screwed up by human sin- God is
the king ? so what?- what?s the point of any of it?- I can see that
somewhere in all this confusion of advertisements on billboards that
there is a God in control ? God has a plan ? God will make sense ?
even of the billboards that give his message- and what am I to do? ?
well- I think God would have me tell of his wonderful deeds- not put
people on guilt trips like the billboards of God try to do- but tell
of his wonderful deeds- God acts- We respond- God calls ? We respond-
and what a story to tell- God sent his Son to earth to die for our
sins- to die for our confusion- this Son gave his life- I will tell
the message- I will tell of God?s wonderful deeds and praise his name-
not on some billboard- but face to face with God?s children- I know
I?ll meet some of his children today- I know there will be some
searching for joy in what they do rather than finding joy in what God
has already done?that?s the message- the joy is in what God has
already done- not eating peaches, pecans or looking at naked women?did
God speak yesterday? ? yes!- not in the billboards though- but in the
grace of his actions through his Son ? It?s time to go tell of his
wonderful deeds.

Prayer- Lord- thanks for you ? thanks for your saving grace- thanks
for your forgiveness- forgive me again today- I get caught up in it- I
get caught up in those billboards of life and need your forgiveness-
lead me today to see the real joy that is in what you have already
done- that is in your acts- that is in your deeds- you are wonderful ?
let my joy for you shine forth this day ? let my joy shine forth as I
celebrate the life you give me- as I celebrate time with others today
while on vacation- renew me- but most of all renew my spirit in and
through you and guide me away from the false thoughts that I can renew
myself by what I do- it?s all about what you do and mostly about what
you have already done! ? You are God! --- Amen

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

June 22 People Reflection

Wednesday 6/22/2005
Mark 6.1-29-Jesus sends the disciples to heal people and tell them to
turn to God
2 Samuel 15-Absalom wins the hearts of the people and David leaves
Jerusalem- but God rescues
Daniel 9-Daniel prays for the people- confessing sins- God sends
Gabriel to help Daniel understand
Psalm 89.1-4,15-18-Declare God’s love and rejoice in it
Daniel 1.3-17-God gave knowledge and sill in every aspect of
literature and wisdom to Daniel and his friends
Psalm 1- Meditate on God – day and night

Incident Response- that’s where I saw God yesterday- in Atlanta- these
what appeared to be emergency response vehicles- ambulances—but it
said Incident Response on the side of them- traffic was heavy- six
lanes on each side of the interstate- if a car broke down- it caused
an “incident”—these vehicles would move about through traffic – sirens
and lights and all- I saw one guy get out and put gas in a car that
was broken down- did they have medical people on board- I don’t know-
but they were responding to an “incident”—it reminds me of how Jesus
sends out his disciples- to the people – to heal – to tell them to
turn to God- to react to an “incident” in the life of the people God
loves- God rescued David many times- even with his own son trying to
take over as King of Israel- I can see someone coming to David in one
of those Incident Response vehicles- to save David – to rescue him-
Daniel in the same way could be the driver of an Incident Response
vehicle- he gets out of the vehicle and goes to the party in trouble
and prays for them- an angel comes a little later to help us
understand what is going on- why do we have the incident in the first
place?—I guess it helps us to trust God- it helps us depend on God-
only God can save- and with that love shown from God and even through
other people – we find a joy- a happiness- we are God’s loved children-
 he will respond to our incidents- he will give us the gifts we need
to endure- he will give us what we need to see the hope we have in
him – that hope of the Spirit poured into our hearts- and we will
think about God day and night- yea – yesterday- many people needed the
help of the Incident Response vehicles- I think God was there inside
those vehicles- ready and willing at all times to put on the siren-
run the lights – arrive- get out and respond to the “incidents” of
everyday life- he was there to work through some people and show the
love he has for all his children – Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord- use me today to drive that vehicle- to be the one you
work your love through – to show your love and to respond to the
incidents as you would have me respond- and if I need someone- which I
always will- please send your holy angels in that Incident Response
vehicle to help me- to set me straight and back on path—and to fill me
with the joy and love of your Spirit. – Amen

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

June 21st People reflection

Tuesday 6/21/2005

Mark 5.21-43-A woman healed by Jesus- with a touch and faith and Jesus healing power

2 Samuel 14-God doesn’t take our lives, Instead, he figures out ways of bringing us back when we run away

Daniel 8-A vision and an angel to interpret

Psalm 141-I call upon you, O LORD; come quickly to me; give ear to my voice when I call to you.

Hebrews 10.1-14-Christ was offered a single time for sins- now we wait and serve in love

Psalm 50-Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.

God’s voice yesterday came through some shark’s teeth and some conversation and prayer. Just how do you see those teeth on the beach? Once you learn to recognize them – you will see them all over the place. I think this morning of the lady reaching to touch Jesus cloak—A picture I saw where this woman was on the ground reaching up to touch his cloak for healing. It was crowded—just think of the focus she must have had on Jesus- to pick his cloak alone out of the crowd of cloaks that surely must have been present. Kinda like shark’s teeth- I suppose once you learn to recognize Jesus – you just might see him all over the place—Like the woman with faith that a touch of Jesus cloak would bring healing- she recognized Jesus healing power- his saving grace and I suppose that cloak was easy for her to recognize- she could see it real easy. A friend about to have surgery - a Lord that heals- some faith and a cloak- Somehow God figures out a way to bring us back -–we call out to God in prayer and he will hear—his hearing is so great that he sent his Son – once and for all our sin- to die for us – to give life – to give hope – to help us endure- to build our character- to pour his Spirit into our hearts- yea – call out- scream if needed- call on Him in the day of trouble- Only God can deliver- and I will glorify him. Yesterday – some shark’s teeth- a friend who is having surgery- I must trust God – focus and be able to recognize Him—and God will be seen all over the place- real easy – even in the pain- even in the recovery – even in the struggle- even in the healing that brings life. – Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord today be with my friend in surgery – send your healing power – the touch of love in so many people – be with the family – the comfort and understanding – be with all those who will let your healing power work through them today- let your healing grace radiate throughout that hospital to all this day – fill that place with your Spirit- pour out you love into the hearts of all in that room and in that hospital- make it a powerful moment and show your glory for all to see and feel. Let those shark’s teeth show up everywhere this day. -- Amen

Monday, June 20, 2005

June 20th People Reflection

Mark 5.1-20-Jesus drives out the demons from a man

2 Samuel 13-Tamar is raped by her half-brother—her brother Absalom kills Amnon who raped Tamar

Daniel 7-Visions of beasts and kingdoms to rule

Malachi 3.1-4-God will refine me

Joel 2.28-32-God pours out his Spirit

Psalm 119.89-96-God is forever

I saw God speak yesterday in some people- in some people gathered together- in some people gathered together for a meeting- a simple meeting- yet a meeting of people focusing on the cross- focusing on what they hear God telling them to do – a people gathered together in community to work in God’s kingdom- some different people spoke that day – they let God speak through them – they let the others see God’s action through their ministry- some different people spoke and let God use them- all of us are letting God refine us- some have vision- some can judge evil and articulate the issues to address- some can deal with the demons – all these people gathered together with all the gifts of God- a special combination of people- a unique body of Christ – one especially made for Zion Middletown- just right – I saw God speak yesterday – He even had a little fun with us- I saw the results of God’s Spirit poured out on some people – it was in this little meeting of people – I saw God speak yesterday – and it made me realize that God is forever—god is just the right combination of ministries – for just the right kind of people that need it – yea- I saw God speak yesterday – in this little meeting.

Prayer- Lord – it’s a new week- lead and guide me this week – make your presence known in peculiar ways to me all around me and within me- use me this day – use me this week to proclaim that your kingdom is near- to proclaim that your kingdom is here- bless my friends and family with the joyous response to the grace of life out of death in your Son Jesus Christ -- Amen

Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 19th People Reflection

Sunday 6/19/2005

Mark 4.21-41-Don’t hide your faith- the kingdom of God is growing rapidly – have faith in God

2 Samuel 11-12-David sins- confesses- takes his punishment- and returns to ministry

Daniel 6-Pray and remain loyal to God-God rescues and sets free- God gives salvation

Matthew 10.24-39-Be bold – announce the gospel- take up the cross and proclaim

Matthew 6.25-33-Don’t worry about stuff- God will take care of that- strive first for the kingdom of God

Psalm 103-Bless God- he gives me all I ever need

So Stephanie went to get her temps yesterday – she had studied- there was a long wait- then the test- then the nervous wait- it took a couple of hours all together- I’m sure it felt like a lifetime for a 16 year old- but she made it- the joy was evident- she went to a parking lot with her sister to drive a little- if that joy was evidence of her faith – it was shining through- the law- the test- the joy- but it is still a gift given- no one says we have the right to drive- and if there is an infraction against the law- the sin must be confessed- the penalty must be paid- but in grace – God realized that we are so completely messed us that we could never begin to pay off the penalty of our sin- So God sent his Son to take on that penalty- not for one person – but for all of us- and we must receive that gift – get back in the car and drive- experience the joy of freedom once again- but from a different side of things- not experience the joy of driving because we passed the test- but experience the joy of driving because Jesus passed the test for us—that’s real joy – that’s a dedication to Jesus- so yea- God spoke yesterday – I think it’s time to take this drive of faith in service to a wonderful God who gave me salvation freely – Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord – you give me more than what I deserve- you give me all I need- let me use those gifts in service to you – show me the purpose you would have me do for today- tell me what actions to take- what words to say – and work your light and love through me this day- I will praise and honor you above everything today! -- amen

Saturday, June 18, 2005

June 18th People Reflection

Saturday 6/18/2005

Mark 4.1-20-Produce in the good soil-hear and welcome the message

2 Samuel 9-10-David is kind to Mephibosheth and Hanun- but Hanun’s officials didn’t trust David

Daniel 5-Be humble- mene-tekel-parsin – numbered-weighed-divided

Romans 6.1b-11-Dead to sin-Alive in Christ

Isaiah 25.1-9-Wait for God and rejoice in his salvation

Psalm 20-My pride is in God

Some days are just a flurry of unexpected activity- something happens that breaks right into whatever your plans were- that was yesterday- I heard God speak yesterday- Plans were made for a relaxing afternoon- then a lesson- well – that afternoon- things changed- for several of us- but in the end all works out- maybe we didn’t do what we thought we had planned- but who does my day belong to anyway?- who does time belong to anyway? – who does life belong to anyway?- it’s not mine- none of it- I may be responsible not to waste it – but any of what I mentioned above in those rhetorical questions aren’t mine to begin with- just at the King with Daniel- his life changed drastically – sadly – he didn’t remain humble and lost his life- I think I’ll work at the humble part- actually – I think right at this point in my life – God is keeping me humble- I must realize that my salvation has been fulfilled through Jesus- I’m in a waiting mode—not a lazy waiting mode- but an active- joyful- serving mode- but still in waiting- but I can still revel in the joy of my salvation- it makes the serving – Oh so easy – a response- not a plan of something I have to do- but a plan of something I have (like in joyfully want) to do- there is a big difference- so – even in the painful – hectic- moments of life- where my schedule is interrupted- I can deal with it- I can get through it- because I have this joy built in of my salvation given to me freely through the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ—for me and for all – Jesus brings me from dead to sin – to alive in Christ- and he fills me with all the pride I need- so I can be humble and rejoice in it- I can wait- I can deal with breaks into schedules and rejoice in this life God has given me—so – did God speak to me yesterday? – you better believe it! – there was a break in my plans – an opportunity to serve – an opportunity to love and an opportunity to have compassion – both for me and for others- yesterday was a great day! – thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord – you have my life – it’s yours- I plot and plan – I’ll respond to the gifts and calling you give me and do my part – but anytime you wish – go ahead and step right in there- I love it when you step in- it shows your love- so here I am- I ask your forgiveness and remain humble in your presence- use me this day how you wish- otherwise – I’ll carry on with my calling the best I know how – looking- and listening for your guidance along the way – for you are God -- Amen

Friday, June 17, 2005

June 17th People Reflection

Friday 6/17/2005

Mark 3.20-35-Jesus went home and they thought he was crazy

2 Samuel 7-8-David and God talk- David prays- David defeats many enemies with the help of God

Daniel 4-Daniel interprets a dream that forces the King to be humble and honor God

Jeremiah 20.7-13-Stand firm with God- he can be trusted

Romans 5.6-11-Christ died for me – a sinner

Psalm 15-Be honorable before God

You look at these reading and see a relationship – the family and friends of Jesus thought he was crazy- David and God talk about kingdoms and temples- just like conversation with huge meaning- Daniel uses the gifts God has given him to tell a hard story to a King- the King will be humbled before God- Jeremiah knows that he must trust God and take a difficult stand- Jesus dies for sinners like me- and finally I must stand honorable before God- so what does this have to do with "people and God" yesterday? – Seems like all day long is a relationship with God- the ups and downs- the laughter and pain- God is always there- like a friend—so yesterday – when I got into work – the second shift maintenance guys were thinking of me- wishing my return to normal activity and recovery – they made a nice crutch for me out of copper pipe—soldered and sanded to perfection – with a little noise maker inside for kicks- god speaking his love through the night while I was sleeping – a handmade gift – all from a relationship between myself and some guys I work for- some guys I help out- they really do all the work- I just help them get it done- so it makes me pause and think of how it’s the same with God- God is there through it all- giving little helps along the way- he may not eliminate the pain – but he will be with you – he will give you the little gifts you need to move to the next phase of healing—because God is the source of life and day by day brings me from death to fullness of life—what more could I ask for—so did God speak yesterday? – yea – every time I hear that cane I will know that God spoke through those few second shift maintenance guys some love and compassion. – thanks be to God!

Prayer-Lord – teach me day by day to see the need to open my heart to the love and compassion I can so easily give to someone in need- for they are all your children- and you love each of them- forgive me when I let you down- turn me around when I get confused and redirect my steps this day. For you are God. Teach me to be honorable in your kingdom along with being humble before all. You are God! --- Amen

Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16th People reflection

Thursday 6/16/2005

Mark 3.1-19-Jesus keeps on healing – even on the Sabbath days-the leaders begin their plot

2 Samuel 6-David brings the chest to Jerusalem with dancing and joy

Daniel 3-Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trust God in the fire

Psalm 69.8-11, 18-20-Sometimes I just complain to God

Exodus 32.1-6-How quickly we turn to false gods

Psalm 44.1-8-Trust in God’s salvation

The healing goes on- slow – almost methodical – but the struggle continues also- I don’t think the healing stops just because it’s the Sabbath or even on Sundays – the healing goes on- then I think of what I heard someone say yesterday- don’t get too excited about the healing- don’t over do it- well- maybe good advice- maybe not- how could David not get excited when he was bringing the ark to Jerusalem- I’m sure his excitement – at least for David – was genuine- but did David even ask God if he wanted the ark moved to Jerusalem- the ark was the mercy seat of God- seems like maybe David was taking a little too much on and should have asked—healing and suffering- Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trust God in the fire- there is some healing – there is some trust- did they over do it- no – I don’t think so- but still the pain lingers and lasts- and yea sometimes I just complain to God- sometimes I look for easy outs to the pain and suffering- but I must learn to trust in God’s healing and salvation- trust in his timing- trust and endure- build character and hope- so I’m not sure about the advice not to get too excited about the healing- I think I should get real excited about the healing- God sent his Son to give me forgiveness, healing and life- I’m excited about that! – but the don’t over do it- that may be good advice- because when I tend to over do it is when I tend to try to take control for myself- well – Billy ain’t in control – God is! – so maybe God did speak yesterday – I think he did- but it was – Be excited over my healing and trust in me. – Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord – you are God- I will trust in you today – I will feel the healing – I will get excited about all you have done and tell others about you – You are God! – you are to be praised and honored- forgive me when I think I’m going to take control and show me how to trust in you. I love you --- Amen

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

June 12th - June15th People Reflections

OK- I owe a word or two about the change in format-- After a year using the last format- basically commenting on the scriptures I had read- what struck me when I read them and such - I felt compelled to change- and reflect on the scriptures with the idea of how did God speak to me through another person or situation in daily life -- so that's the change-- If you ever want last years reflections I have all of them saved. They will take you through the Bible in one year. -- If you ever have any questions or comments - I like your responses very much.




Sunday 6/12/2005Romans 16-Paul greets and sends best wishes to friends- it’s nice to have friends

2 Samuel 1-David finds out about the death of Saul and Jonathan and mourns for them

Psalm 72-God is the King

Matthew 9.35-10.8-Go! With compassion and tell all that the Kingdom is near!

Colossians 1.15-23-Proclaim the hope provided by the Gospel to every creature under heaven

Psalm 127-Let God build the house

So yesterday - another day of healing - another day of anticipation for the sermon to give tomorrow- but I’m recovering slowly- I get out a little more- see some friends- see some people I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks- Paul felt good about all his friends- I feel good about mine- and it’s through that renewal of conversation - that meeting with some people you just recently have missed that I hear God speaking thought this day - God want us to reach out in compassion to each other- to help each other deal with the ups and downs- the illnesses- the injuries- the recoveries- the ways of life that we live day to day - and we need to have that compassion for each other- sometimes just to talk - sometimes to share a Psalm or two- sometimes a prayer here or there - sometimes to keep something confidential but pray anyway- that’s where God speaks through - all those little contacts we make with each other and with others outside our normal circle- so many people hurting in our world- it’s easy how Jesus could look at the people and have compassion on them - but he does- and I can feel his presence in every situation I recall from yesterday- even my own -Jesus is there so close- so compassionate and so caring- even when you may not even think he is present- he is present -- what an honor it is to have the King of life enter and stay - to have the King of life just be there- to have the King of life build the house of recovery - build the house of love- build the house of a kingdom so great that all are invited- yea- yesterday I heard Jesus stop by -- in a friend- in some small conversation - he had some compassion - he gave me some life- it’s nice to have friends- stop by anytime.

Prayer- Lord Jesus- you come into my life in so many ways- through some small conversation with a friend I can hear you speak through so loudly - be with my friends- listen to our prayers- protect us and guide us and heal us - use the hands and the minds of the people we depend on to take care of us- put yourself into those caretakers we depend on - for our ultimate dependence is in you- you are God - highly to be praised- send me out this day to talk to others - to make some friends - and to love the friends I already have- and be right there by my side all the time - I give you thanks for each new day. --- Amen

Monday 6/13/2005

Mark 1.1-20-John the Baptist-Jesus-A couple of disciples-Let the ministry begin-Let the Gospel spread

2 Samuel 2.1-3.1-The Israelites are divided- some follow David as King- others Ishbosheth- Civil War begins

Daniel 1-Read books and eat vegetables-Daniel is in the royal court in preparation-Trust in God

2 Corinthians 10.1-18- Be confident that you belong to Christ- and remind yourself of this

Luke 15.1-10-There is joy in heaven for even one who repents

Psalm 133- It is good to be together

So yesterday was the day to worship and praise God for all he has done. A time to be with the People of God- together- a time to talk - a time to witness to each other- but also a time to let the ministry begin- to go into the world to spread the Gospel- a time to read the Book and refresh ourselves with some good food in preparation for a week in the kingdom of God- in the worlds we each would move into- and yea- we repented yesterday too-- and God forgave us- it was good to be together- so did I hear God speak through some people yesterday- you betch ya- I heard him sing to me - I heard God in the voices of his children yesterday - all morning long and throughout the day - God really speaks through some people on Sunday -- Thanks be to God!

Prayer-Lord - I worship, honor, praise and adore you - you are God - I thank you for your forgiveness- continue to watch over me and protect me as I go out today - be with all who need your healing touch and power- for you will be with each one all the way- send me out this day - renewed in your Spirit - gifted- washed clean and ready for your action. Thanks be to God! --- Amen

Tuesday 6/14/2005

Mark 1.21-45-Jesus heals and teaches people

2 Samuel 3.2-39-David lets Abner (Saul’s general) go free- but Joab kills Abner

Daniel 2.1-23-God rescues Daniel and his friends from death by telling Daniel the King’s dream

2 Corinthians 11.1-21a-Keep thoughts focused on Jesus

Isaiah 11.10-16-God rescues and saves his people

Psalm 60-Put us back together oh God!

Yesterday- I am beginning to feel the healing in my leg - I think I’m really beginning to recover- It’s very slow- but I notice the presence of healing- then I think of how Jesus heals and teaches people- he is healing and teaching me - both at the same time- teaching me to trust - to depend and to have faith in him- Just as he taught Daniel to trust and depend with his very life in God- so - how did I hear God speak yesterday- through my friend Mark at work- we depend on each other- as I returned- I could sense his joy for my presence- his willingness to do anything to help me recover- and through Mark’s actions I could hear and see God speak- God cares for us - God wants us to be healed- so much that he was willing to give his son to die on a cross for our healing- God gives healing and life from death- my simple response is to keep my focus on Jesus- God will put me back together- he will unite me with his people once again just as I am being united with Mark at work once again- what an example God gave to us in his Son Jesus Christ- we have someone to look to - someone to emulate- someone to turn to- we can trust in God- God heals - this is true- sometimes real real real slow- but God heals- and sometimes slow is good- so yesterday - God spoke through Mark- I depend on him- Mark wants me to return and be healed- God spoke through Mark’s kind actions- I see God’s action- I hear God’s call- I will respond and do likewise- I will have God’s love and compassion on some people today -- Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Be with me today as I go back again- as I return- as I feel your healing- heal those today who are in need- who are under the care of surgeons and doctors- work your healing power through all the nurses, doctors and all staff for those in need of healing- for you are God- you heal and move us from death to life- heal us and restore us to the fullness of your ministry- forgive our sins- forgive us when we do wrong and move us forward in you with your people-- Amen

Wednesday 6/15/2005

Mark 2- Jesus continues on with ministry and healing and calling disciples-but the Jewish leaders are suspicious and doubtful

2 Samuel 4-5-David become King over all of Israel- David depends on God and trusts God

Daniel 2.24-49-Daniel interprets the Kings dream- Daniel is humble with the power God gave him

2 Corinthians 11.21b-33-Suffering for God’s will- OK- that’s fine with me

Exodus 19.2-8- Gods acts-We respond

Psalm 91- Trust God- He will protect me

Yesterday I heard God speak through a woman who pointed out how blessed I am and we are. Sometimes when in struggle - I get blinded to the blessings God has granted. But when I stop and think about it- there are so many blessings- way more than I deserve- through Jesus ministry, healing and calling of people along the way- Jesus brought endless blessing to people- people who really needed it- don’t we all- not to the goody goody ones- but mostly to the people who would really appreciate healing and forgiveness- God does bless- and then he uses us- he gives us gifts-- like with Daniel- Daniel was humble and knew where his gift came from - and he used it to honor the God who created him- so the suffering that Daniel or even Paul had to endure amounted to nothing compared to the blessings received from God- and that hope of love in that final blessing promised - yea- God acted and sent his Son to die on a cross - to forgive my sins and to take the punishment for my sins that I deserve- God protects me and saves me-- I heard God speak through a woman yesterday about how much God has blessed me- boy! -- if that ain’t true I don’t know what is!

Prayer-Lord thank you for that ultimate blessing you have given me through the painful death and resurrection of Jesus- I don’t deserve it- forgive my sin and fill me through your Holy Spirit with your love- send me out today to tell that your kingdom is near- that your kingdom is here- Be with those in pain and relieve the suffering- show them your hope and salvation. You are God and I trust in you. -- Amen

Saturday, June 11, 2005

June 9 People Reflection

Thursday 6/9/2005

Romans 14-Whether we live or die it must be for God - not for ourselves


1 Samuel 26-David once again has a chance to kill Saul but spares his life


Psalm 69-Save me God! - I am about to drown!


Exodus 19.2-8a-Hear God speak and respond


Luke 23.33-49-Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom


Psalm 116-Call to the LORD when in pain - and walk before the LORD in the land of the living


A prayer yesterday - a time to talk - a time to share stories and a prayer. I see God in all the prayers. He listens- He speaks- sometimes he speaks through noises around me- not really noises- maybe really music- like birds- noises of wood chippers- sounds of traffic- wind blowing through trees- maybe God just whispers an idea into my ear- I sit with a prayer partner and we share stories- we share struggles- we share tons of blessings and thanksgivings God has given us- we share even pains that seem to turn out for good somehow- we share lives- we share concerns for safety on the job - we share lives-- but we also share another life in common to both of us-- that life of Jesus Christ- that love that Jesus showed us- that ministry and healing so precious to both of us that hope would be lost without his love-- we share a life- that life of Jesus- somehow present with us- present with us listening in on the conversation and many times speaking through to each one of us - through each one of us- all you have to do is stop and listen - Jesus is there- so personal - so comforting and so real- A prayer yesterday with my prayer partner- can a partner be more than one? -- I think so - I know so - Without a doubt! -- A prayer yesterday - a time to talk - a time to share stories and a prayer- a time to share life- a time to share a life ----Thanks be to God!


Prayer- Lord - look at those readings you gave me today- thank you for your message- thank you for hearing my prayers- thank you for time to pray - for someone to pray with - for fellowship- for the communion you bring to our souls- look at those readings above- I call to you in pain and you let me walk in the land of the living- thank you for prayers that transcend this physical world - this physical body into your kingdom - look at those readings you gave me today - I hear you speaking - I will respond with the love of your children- just as I know you will remember me when you come into your kingdom -- I want to live and walk in your kingdom- whether I live or die it will be for you - not for me-- look at those readings you gave me today- I give you thanks and praise for your Word made flesh - Thanks be to God! --- Amen

June 10 People Reflection

Romans 15.1-13-The scriptures were written to teach and encourage us by giving us hope


1 Samuel 27-28-David goes to Philistia to escape Saul-Saul confers with the ghost of Samuel


Psalm 70-You LORD care about me


Romans 5.1-8-God proved his love for us- God acts


1 Corinthians 15.12-22-be made alive in Christ resurrection


Psalm 119.57-64-the earth is full of your steadfast love oh LORD


Yesterday I had a hard thing to do - It was time for our dog Kelsey to be put to sleep - her legs had gotten so bad that many days she couldn’t even get up - so it was time- yea- we did some nice things just before hand-- got her up and walked her around outside without a leash- she couldn’t run away anyway- gave her treats- yummy dog food- lunch meat and such- then picked her up and put her in the car for that awful ride to the Vet -- God spoke through that Vet yesterday -- As Bryan and I got Kelsey to calm down just a little and relax on the floor- the Vet examined her- he noticed how bad her legs were- how much pain she was in because of her swollen joints and lack of muscles-- and the Vet commented-- “It’s amazing how these dogs will just hang on and suffer.” -- and I heard the voice of God- I saw the actions of God in the life of my loyal pet Kelsey -- how she hung on and suffered - just to continue loving me and my family- just to be with us in the center of our house- only able to hang on a suffer- wag the tail in joy when she would see us walk by in the motion of family life at home- to bark when someone approached our front door- Kelsey couldn’t hardly get up and walk anymore- very seldom even go to the door- but she would stay on that rug - and hang on a suffer for a family she loved- she proved her love for us through her actions- she gave a family steadfast love- she showed in her action how much she truly cared about us- she was willing to take on some pain and separation at times to show love-  oh how the scriptures teach us- oh how God speaks through a Vet - who points to God active in the life of a dog- can you see it? -- can you feel it? -- God sent his Son to hang on and suffer- to hang on and suffer on a cross - just because he loved his family - to hang on and suffer on a cross and show a love so deep we can’t even describe it - God sent a dog into my life- into the life of my family - to hang on and suffer- to show a love so deep - I can’t even explain it -- God sends his love in so many ways- So yesterday - yea - I heard God speak through a Vet- but I also saw God act through a dog to point me to that one final act of love, forgiveness and salvation that God showed active through Jesus death and resurrection - God speaks- God acts -- Thanks be to God!


Prayer- Lord- thank you for pets - thank you for the loyalty they show- thank you for the examples they set- may you feel such a great love from me as I have felt from my pets- for you are God- I love you and I live for you - I give my life to you- for I trust completely in your power- in your grace and in your love. You are God - take my life and let me make you happy and feel loved. --- Amen


June 11 People Reflection

Saturday 6/11/2005

Romans 15.14-33-Paul is a traveling preacher with a ministry

1 Samuel 29-31-David does not battle Saul with the Philistines- Saul is defeated and dies

Psalm 71-You have taught me since I was a child-I never stop telling of your marvelous deeds

Acts 11.19-30;13.1-3- Early Christians spread the Word of God

Genesis 11.1-9-Trying to build myself up to be God- will only lead to sin and confusion

Psalm 16-Take refuge in God


What a mixed bag of scriptures this seems to be today - So how did God speak to me through people yesterday?- Actually - it seems my contact with people has been very minimal the past week- but that’s not really true- there are so many people who are with me who aren’t with me- that is physically- So with this injury of a torn calf muscle- there are certain things I have come to think of as treats of the day- yesterday was a trip to the Coffee Shop with the girls- spent a little time in conversation - I saw Kim the owener of Capozzi’s  in the window that looks into the Coffee Shop -- we did a sign language of sorts-- she wanted me to make sure my leg was propped up -- It reminds me of how communication sometimes goes- like at the Tower of Babel- communication was confused- the first Christians going out into the world- communication was only clear with the help of the Spirit- Communication between David and Saul was always getting confused because of misinterpretation of real intent- David loved and respected Saul - but Saul never got this message- So through a little sign language from Kim - I was able to hear God speak a message clearly to me-- when I speak to others about the grace of God - make sure they can understand- make sure it is a message from God and not a message from Bill in an attempt to build myself up - for my sin will only lead to confusion- communicates God’s Word of grace and love and salvation to the glory of God.


Prayer- Lord speak through me today- let your Word come through to others loud and clear and understandable- let it be to your glory and honor - for you are the one and only one who is God- you saved a sin filled world- a world trying to make itself God- but only you are God - I will give you all the honor- glory and praise. -- Amen

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

People Reflections June 8

Wednesday 6/8/2005

Romans 13- Obey-Love-and be ready for Jesus to return

1 Samuel 25- Abigail keeps David from killing her husband Nabal and eventually marries David

Psalm 68-Our God-you are the one who ride on the clouds- I praise your name

Psalm 100- God’s steadfast love endures forever

Matthew 11.20-24-Repent!

Psalm 38- I am utterly spent and crushed-I am sorry for my sin

A group of people visited my house yesterday - We came together to talk about priorities and time -- Time is the great equalizer-- we all have a certain amount of time- I really can’t do anything to increase the amount of time I have-- if I think of a day - I have 24 hours-- I can’t increase it-- so this gift of time I have- how much of that do I give to God? - One of the exercises we did during this short time we had together- pointed out to me- how little of my time I dedicate to God-- why is that? - So with this in mind I think of today’s passages- how was God speaking through that small group of friends last night? - What was the message about time and what does it have to do with today’s readings? - Here on earth I have to do some things- some may matter- some may not- I have to obey the laws - stay in line with society-- it matters some but it seems the thing that matters more is to show the love of God to each other- now there is where I think God wants me to spend some time- show the love of God to others- demonstrate it - don’t just talk about it- tell them of a Savior that will return some day - maybe soon- that loves each person so deeply that he was willing to give all the time he had to their eternal life- now think about the time Jesus gave to each of us- he gave all his time - he gave his entire earthly life to healing- preaching and saving us from our sin- he gave all his time for each one of us- can’t I give a little more than some small percentage of my time back to him?- why am I not giving a huge amount of my time back to him? - giving my time to Jesus to do the work he has planned for me- yea - I have responsibilities to people I love- to family and friends- but the time I give back to Jesus impacts their lives as well- David needed some food- he had done Nabal a favor - but Nabal didn’t give any concern for David’s hunger- Nabal didn’t give David the time of day so to speak- but Abigail did- she was Nabal’s wife- she ran into David and made sure his needs and his soldiers basic needs of food were taken care of-- how did Nabal use his time? - when Abigail went back home to her husband - Nabal was having a wild party-- Nabal didn’t have time to help David - but he had time to spend selfishly on himself-- Nabal died- Abigail ended up married to David-- I know God is a loving God- I know God forgives- and I need to repent for my waste of time - God gave me time - God gave me his Son Jesus to die for me and give me everlasting life- I do have time- and I repent of my selfish use of time-- I am utterly spent and crushed and sorry for my sin- yes I need forgiveness for my poor use of time- I need God to work with me and help me use my time wisely and give my life back to him- look at the example God gave to me in Jesus Christ-- what a gift of time I have received in Jesus- how happy and thankful I can be that God forgives and frees me from this burden of time- and how ironic that the little bit of time I spent last evening with a group of people who visited my house- God spoke through them - God was there - God was in his time in this small group of people- at my house last night --- Thanks be to God!

Prayer- Lord - thank you for a new day - help me today to spend that time with you and the ones you love- help me to give my time to you - lead me in the use of my time today - order my life- show me the priorities I need in my life- change them as you wish and show me where to take control and where to lose control- for in your timeless grace I give you thanks and praise --- Amen


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

June 7 People Reflection

Tuesday 6/7/2005

Romans 12-Being a Christian changes your life- you look on others and love them- you change

1 Samuel 23-24-Saul still seeks to kill David- David has a chance to kill Saul but has mercy and doesn’t

Psalm 67-Our God - be kind and bless us

Matthew 10.7-16-Go and witness to those right around you - where you are - the kingdom is near

Matthew 2.1-12-Jesus is not that hard to find- in fact he is right here among us- he found us

Psalm 19-Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you

Not much human contact yesterday - I’m still trying to heal my leg enough to get around just a little- healing takes time- change takes time- and being a Christians can be a slowly changing process or a real fast one- when I think back at how I got into the situation I’m in- I think - well yea-- that wasn’t slow- it was real fast and out of nowhere- a little pain in the leg -- so that part of the change was fast -- I went quickly from being able to walk - take long walks- to not walking at all -- but now the healing seems real real real slow-- change went from fast to slow-- I think sometimes God steps into our lives like that- makes a grand entrance - makes his presence known big time-- then he stays a while- the change is slow- he educates me- asks me to live out his healing and love and makes me savor it- maybe too much -- but it forces me to take it slow- to feel the change take place- I can see the progress- each small step becomes a big accomplishment- God has his own time- I try to force his time into my time - but that’s a useless exercise - so I sit and wait - and note each small improvement- celebrate each change and rejoice with God that he is here real close and with me all the time -- just like Jesus -- he is not that hard to find- in fact he is right here among us - he found me - he found me sitting in the bed and healing - he is the one doing the healing - I just need to sit - wait - feel the healing taking place- feel the pain- and notice the difference and give thanks for each small step I get to take along the way-- So - not much human contact yesterday -- well there was some-- and how happy I get for that visit- like a visit from an angel- one of the high points of the day -- but that visit- that visit with such little human contact yesterday - that visit was with a couple of people- one of those people had been here right with me all day- a child had been here all day with me in Jesus-- so that human contact -- well they got to visit with Jesus too- so -- not much human contact yesterday -- that’s not really true at all!

Prayer- Lord Jesus- you are so near to me each day - right here with me- in your own time - in your own space - in your own way - you reach out and touch and heal - as I reach out to feel the edge of your cloak - send your healing power - renew my body - but more importantly renew my soul- bring your healing to all those in need- all those sick - all those in hospitals who wait and wait and feel that slow healing power of change you have given to them - let all savor this healing - this change of life- this love you have to offer - this slow change from death to life in you - you are God - you are the great healer- you are to be praised- you are the creator of life and love-- send me out today -- however you choose to speak your words of healing to all I meet- to show them the love you have to give - to show them the way to receive your gracious gift of everlasting life. You are God! - You are the Great Healer --- Thanks be to God! -- Amen



Monday, June 06, 2005

June 6 People Reflection

Monday 6/6/2005

Romans 11.25-36 - Everything comes from God- all things were made because of him and will return to him

1 Samuel 21-22- Saul seeks to kill David - the priests that helped David are killed by Doeg

Psalm 66 - Tell everyone on earth to shout praises to God

Psalm 112 - Happy are those who fear the Lord-- who delight in his commandments

Luke 2.1-20- An angel appears to the shepherds and reveals the Savior to them

Psalm 131-I am humbled- God is great

Yesterday was a day of good friends and family-- I’m stuck in bed-- even the simplest tasks are like climbing huge mountains to me right now-- so family and friends to care for me- to meet those simple little needs I have- to cheer me up - to be like angels sent by God- to show the Savior shining through their lives-- Jesus came as a child the night- the shepherds were witness to this great glory -- I have family and friends who are willing to come to me when I’m just like a child-- worse than a child- I’m a big baby- crying and needing all the time-- but these people are like little several Jesus people to me-- yea I feel like Saul is trying to kill my will- beat me down till I give in -- but when I think of how humbled I am by this whole thing and how great God is -- it’s easy for me to turn it all around from time to time- to tell others - hey praise God while you are on top -- while you feel really good - praise him with all your might-- cause when I see you praise God it makes me want to praise him too - there is hope in them angels- and there is that delicate light of life - shining through their hair -- yesterday was a day of good friends and family - yesterday I met some angels.

Prayer - Lord use me today to be an angel to someone in need - use me today to show another person how and why to praise your name - use me today to show someone else why I can be happy when I am humbled and fearful of you- use me today to be an angel that points the way to the glory of Jesus our gracious Savior -- Amen



June 5 People Reflection

Sunday 6/5/2005

Romans 11.1-24 - Through the Jews - God gave us life

1 Samuel 20 - Jonathan proves to be a true friend of David

Psalm 65 - God is gracious and bountiful in blessing us

Matthew 9.9-13,18-20 - Jesus calls and heals people we least expect

Luke 1.39-45 - God fulfills what he speaks

Psalm 24 - Let the King of Glory come in

A couple of firemen entered my life yesterday -- they came to help me- they came to rescue me - they came to deliver me- I couldn’t move - I couldn’t even bend my knee- and the pain was terrible- I needed to go to the hospital to have my leg checked for blood clots - the firemen came-- yes - I had to put forth a lot of effort to move out -- but they were there to help- guide - assist and move me from one place to another- no one else could do this - it took my strength - the strength of a couple firemen and the aid of my son to move me up some steps and out to the hospital. So in a sense through these firemen God moved me-- sustained me - allowed me to move on in healing- they proved to be good friends- friends in my time of need -- God sent them as blessings into my life-- sent them to aid in the healing power that I slowly get and to assure that things just don’t get worse than they are- to put me back on track - to stop my foolish ways- I knew God sent these firemen - when we arrived at the hospital -- my date of birth was given as June 22 1956 the year of our Lord-- now why would he say that? -- no one says that anymore- but this guy stated it that way -- making my birth - my individuality a connection with God - with Jesus actually -- what a nice connection - especially when I was at a low point and needed a boost -- so God came to me yesterday in a couple of firemen and the help of my son -- next time they come to the door -- fling open the door -- that the King of
Glory may come in -- you may see God in the unexpected.

Prayer- Lord - be with those this day that have the job of rescue- be with the ones who have to go beyond doors not knowing what they may find- give them boldness- faith - and courage to witness to your love- to comfort the sick - to have compassion on your people - where they are. Bless each one of them this day and lead and guide us all in your love. --- Amen

June 4 People Reflection

Saturday 6/4/2005

Romans 9.30-10.21 -All people are God’s people- salvation is there for all people

1 Samuel 19 - Saul tries to kill David

Psalm 64 - Listen to my concerns God

Romans 4.13-25 - Abraham - father of faith

Colossians 1.24-2.5 - Make the Word of God fully known

Psalm 145 - God is good, faithful and just

I heard a one-sided telephone conversation today - it was from a man in the hospital - a plea for a visit from some friends- and a plea for some cigarettes-- this man was slow-- there was something different about him- he was possibly retarded - I couldn’t tell for sure- but his plea seemed sincere- he wanted a visit - he had attempted suicide in the recent past - he apologized for the trouble he had caused- he asked if his friends would visit - maybe just for a little while- on the weekend - during the week - just sometime - a plea from a man that was different in many ways to the norm of our society. He made me think of how God came to save all people - not just the normal ones - whatever that is -- but all people- even the ones who want a pack of cigarettes- God comes to save them-- but there is an evil foe out there also - who wants to kill the life God has given - that evil foe - the devil - active in this world - but God gives life-- Saul was overcome by the evil spirit and attempted to take the life of David-- but David had some friends to help - Jonathan-Saul’s son - Michal - David’s wife and Samuel all played a part in helping David - they played a part in God’s salvation so to speak of David’s life- you see God had a plan for David -- that even the evil spirit in Saul could not defeat- God would use David to show the way to the Messiah- to show the way to God’s people of a faithful life-- no - not a sinless life- but a faithful life to God - a faithful life that David could see the example of from Abraham-- the father of faith - David had concerns for his life- but friends came to visit him when he needed a visit - they came to talk to David and help in his rescue - they came as God’s angels to visit David when he needed them most - and with that they also made the Word of God fully known -- no - maybe these friends didn’t realize the part they played-- but the Word made flesh would be made known and the Word made flesh - Jesus - would descend from the line of David -- So the man on the phone - I hope those friends come to visit him - they may not know what Word of life may touch this man on the phone- they may not know how this man on the phone may fulfill some piece of God’s plan in their lives-- You see - we all need each other- we need to live for each other- support each other- and show the love that God has freely given us to each other- the man on the phone included and maybe a pack of cigarettes too.

Prayer-Lord come to me - sit and visit a while - talk to me when I’m down - rejoice and sing with me when I’m happy - recreate me in your image - day after day - let me be that visitor to someone in need- let me show your love to others this day- let me do your will as you would want - show me the way - today --- Amen

Friday, June 03, 2005

June 3rd People Reflection

Friday 6/3/2005

Romans 9.1-29 - The Israelites where chosen by God- but through Jesus all are God’s people

1 Samuel 17.55-18.30 - David finds a friend in Jonathan and an enemy in Saul

Psalm 63 - Your love means more than life to me

Hosea 5.15-6.6 - God will come to us like the showers

1 Corinthians 2.6-16 - Speak God’s wisdom

Psalm 111 - The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom

So yesterday I was in the emergency room at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati- all the people- but then I had to also go to University Hospital emergency room -- so many more people- all people looking for help - all the people in need of healing - all the people - city people- many to me looked much more desperate than we are used to seeing around Middletown-- I don’t know - maybe because Cincinnati is only larger- but so many people reaching out for some little bit of help -- nobody looked all that bad-- physically anyway- not like you see on ER-- just a bunch of people reaching out for help -- these are the very children of God-- they don’t have to be the Israelites or anything -- they are all the children of God since Jesus came and gave his life for all-- that’s the healing- but again- these people needed some healing -- they needed some friendship -- like a Johnathan to turn to -- but it looked to me like most of their lives they had been chased by a Saul- they had been forced to endure hardship they didn’t ask for or even deserve- it was just their life-- for most of the people I saw at University it looked like life had been hard-- but then I could also see the other end of things-- there was another group of people- a caring group of people- the workers and the doctors and the nurses-- providing the healing - working to be friends- showing a love of God that is deep and caring and willing to put up with the pain and hardship and attitudes of those seeking healing- their love was showing through like that gentle shower of life giving water that God gives to us in baptism - it was a constant love that kept coming down in a steady stream over the cry for healing of the people- and in all this I could see the wisdom of God- he brings the healing to people through people- he brings life to people through people- he brings life to all God’s children through that once for all final act of Jesus death and resurrection - life he gives-- yea-- there is still a battle going on-- there is still sin-pain-death and suffering in this world-- but the victory has been won- now it’s our turn-- it’s our turn to let God’s wisdom shine through our lives to all God’s people- to let his love shower the lives of so many others in pain who need healing- to fear God and see wisdom in service to people- to love the people in need of healing -- just like Jesus loves us when we were in the need of healing in our lives-- So yesterday I was in the emergency room at Christ Hospital-- and there was Christ too.

Prayer- Lord Jesus- use me this day to bring healing-love and comfort to your people- use my mouth - my soul and my body as you wish- grant me your wisdom to speak and act as you wish me to- lead me today as I move about your people in love. -- I thank you - I praise you - I give you all the glory- for you alone are a loving and gracious God -- Amen

Thursday, June 02, 2005

June 2nd People-Reflection

Thursday 6/2/2005

Romans 8 - Obey the Spirit instead of my own desires-God sets free

1 Samuel 17.1-54 - God saves Israel through David’s defeat of Goliath

Psalm 62 - Only God can save me, and I calmly wait for him.

Psalm 50.7-15 - Hear, O my people, and I will speak

Philippians 4.4-7 - Rejoice and Pray

Psalm 5 - O LORD, in the morning your hear my voice

So last night I saw some children at Zion sing Bible stories- this they will remember- then when the read the Bible - all those songs will come to mind- what a wonderful way to teach the Bible- it sticks- it sticks so much better than memorization -- and as they sang- I could see the Spirit of God - giving them enthusiasm -- that’s what I need to have in my relationship with God! -- I need to get off my own selfish desires and have that enthusiasm with God- that set free gift God has given that takes me beyond my desires to the heart of God- see how David had that trust and God’s enthusiasm and God used him to defeat Goliath- God can and will save me -- but sometimes I need to calmly wait-- in that confidence that I have a God that saves- and while I wait - I will listen- I will rejoice and pray and make each moment a communion with God-- isn’t that what those children were doing last night? - they were in communion with God- living their faiths enthusiastically and showing us old folks how to respond to God’s love- in trust-hope and faith -- God really spoke through those kids last night - to the music and delight of my ears and heart and soul.

Prayer - Lord - open my eyes today to see and hear your message- teach me your ways and give me understanding and your love so deep to enthusiastically take to your kingdom- Show me those who you wish to touch and touch through me. As I rejoice in you - I pray to you - forgive me - lead me - guide me and let’s play in your kingdom like a couple of enthusiastic friends. -- Amen

June 1st God's People Reflection

Wednesday 6/1/2005

Romans 7 - You are now part of the body of Christ- Jesus rescues us from sin

1 Samuel 16 - God chooses David to be King-- the youngest son

Psalm 61 - Please listen, God and answer my prayer!

Psalm 113 - Praise, O servants of the LORD; praise the name of the LORD

Mark 8.22-25 - Some people brought a blind man to Jesus for healing

Psalm 106.1-8; 47-48 - Remember me, O LORD, when you show favor to your people

Ok- Now that somehow I’m among the walking wounded- or maybe not walking so good wounded- I have become so much more aware of their issues- how getting around is such a big deal- how weak the body can be- how desire is overcome by physical ability - how much I see God in all these people. Today I saw another person with some crutches beside them as they rest on the sidewalk-- it was as if God were saying - slow down-- look around and notice my presence in the world-- then I had a couple people from church approach me to find out what had happened to me-- I am just a part of the body of Christ- and they too feel the pain - they are another part of the body of which I can feel the slack being taken up as I heal -- But God uses the wounded- he uses the very one’s you least expect- Samuel never expected David to be chosen - he thought that the oldest and tallest and strong brother would be chosen- but no- God said keep going through that family -- but the description of David wasn’t as if he were a weakling- he was described as hansom and strong and brave- so I think in God’s eyes even though we are wounded- not perfect - sin - he forgives us and uses us as beautiful Children.

So - how am I to respond to this call- listen for direction- God answers prayer- God heals the wounded- even the blind and will remember me and show me his favor -- so the person on crutches - taking a break at the library yesterday--- God used them- God sees the beauty the have as his creation with life- love and hope -- So sometimes you don’t even have to say a word - and God will tell his message through you to his people.

Prayer- Lord Jesus - thank you for your church - thank you for making me a part of your body - thank you for others in the church who give me time to heal- thank you for others who need healing- reach out to them - touch them with your power - choose the very ones we all least expect and use us all- use us as your servants in this world- use us to spread that awesome love you so powerfully demonstrated on that cross- use them to spread the message of your saving grace- so that all may see and believe. -- Amen

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

May 31st Reflection

Tuesday 5/31/2005

Romans 6 - When we were baptized, we died and were buried with Christ. We were baptized, so that we would live a new life, as Christ raised to life by the glory of God the Father-- I think - If I had the choice I would be baptized by immersion-- Luther says the coming out of the water is like being born again to a new life-- while under the water I die to my old life-- I really nice thought - the person I used to be was nailed to the cross with Jesus- I may still sin- but I am no longer a slave to sin- I am dead to the power of sin but alive in the life of Christ - I give myself to God - I now want to be a slave to God- a slave that pleases God

1 Samuel 15 - Sometimes the Bible is difficult to figure out- God sent a message through Samuel to Saul- go wipe out the Amalekites- destroy them and all their possessions- slaughter everything- men, women, children, animals -- all of it- it just seems hard to me to see a God that commands such things-- but I trust God - so I figure there must be some fantastic evil here- or a lesson that really needs to take place- so Saul goes off to battle the Amalekites-- he wins of course-- but he killed everyone but King Agas- and they spared the best sheep and cattle- they didn’t want to destroy anything of value-- Saul even sets up a monument to commemorate the victory -- Samuel approaches Saul trying to find out why he didn’t do exactly as God had commanded- In Saul’s mind he still was doing as God commanded- Saul was going to sacrifice the best animals to God-- that seems like a good thing to me-- but Samuel told Saul that God doesn’t need his sacrifices- he wants Saul to obey him- not doing what God wanted is rebelling against God-- when Saul heard the message from this angle he repented and asked for forgiveness- all seems pretty ok to me-- but then Samuel said --no it’s not ok- the kingship is being taken from you by God and given to someone else- --the only thing I can’t figure out is why Saul didn’t kill King Agag-- well in the end Samuel took care of this by chopping King Agag into pieces-- I don’t know - it all seems strange to me-- the things I would expect from Saul-- Samuel did -- why kill like that??--I guess -- I need to trust God -- someday maybe it will make some sense-- I can make some out of it - but the actions all seem so extreme-- maybe that is the “passion” for serving God and obeying him???

Psalm 60 - God fights and wins all the battles- even the ones that I struggle with- it is God that I can trust in and place all my hope in

Jesus shows the way to live faith- Live faith and respond to Jesus act of saving grace

God is my Daddy- I can come to him in complete confidence

Luke 1.36-57 - at the presence and in the presence of Jesus- I am filled with the Spirit- my soul leaps for joy- it gives me passion to serve, love and obey God

Psalm 138 - For though the LORD is high, he regards the lowly--God will deliver me- God will fulfill his purpose for me= his love endures forever

Prayer- Jesus- thank you for baptism - thank you for that death you died for me- that death you take me through - that death that brings life in you- you are God - I will serve, love and obey you - lead me this day - show me how to completely obey your commands - to completely do your will - that’s what I want - is to serve, love and obey you - to please you and make you happy - I turn over all my battles to you - trusting in your safety - trusting in your healing - trusting in you to provide me with all my needs. -- and I give you thanks for your everlasting love. -- Amen