Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st People Reflection

Wednesday 5/31/2006

Romans 6-But God’s gift is real life, eternal life, delivered by Jesus, our Master.

1 Samuel 15-Do you think all GOD wants are sacrifices—empty rituals just for show? He wants you to listen to him!

Psalm 60-Give us help for the hard task…

Tobit 1.1-2-This book tells the story of Tobit…who was taken into captivity…

Luke 1.39-57-With all my heart I praise the Lord, and I am glad because of God my Savior.

Psalm 149-Shout praises to the LORD!

"It’s been a year now."- It’s been a year now that I have been reflecting on the Word of God in Scripture and through the words and actions of people. A gift of life to me. God showing himself powerfully present in people. People delivered by Jesus, our Master. And I see God present in so many of those surrounding me. I see God present away from the rituals and in daily life. And I have heard his voice and listened to him. Through the past year God has given me help in the hard tasks. Most of this help has been his actions through people. People with a story to tell. People involved in my story. And all people involved in the larger and most important story of our relationship with God. God opened my eyes forever this past year to people- opened my eyes and made my heart glad for each and every person he brought into my life this past year. Along side of all these people and this gift of People Reflections I will eternally shout praises to God. Now it’s time to change. I feel the nudge of God to learn how God is active in the daily visions of life. I feel the nudge to reflect on his Word as I read through the Bible once again. As I reflect on various scripture passages in my devotional assortment. If you have been following along all the readings you will have read through the Bible this past year plus much more. This next year of reflections will be Daily Word and Visions of God. God has blessed me in that past through People and I’m sure I will see God in Visions this upcoming year. "It’s been a year now." – A wonderful, changing, Light filled year. Thanks be to God!

Lord, thanks- thanks for People- People to love- people to listen to- thanks for your voice- thanks for your Word in Scripture and you Word in People. Thanks for truly blessing me this past year with People. All sorts of lovely creations of glory. You are God and you are wonderful. I will praise you forever with shouts of glory! Thanks be to God! -- Amen

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May 30th People Reflection

Tuesday 5/30/2006

Romans 5-There’s more to come: We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next.

1 Samuel 14-All through Saul’s life there was war, bitter and relentless…

Psalm 59-Strong God, I’m watching you do it, I can always count on you—God, my dependable love.

Romans 12.9-16b-Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying.

Matthew 7.13-14-Go in through the narrow gate.

Psalm 143-Each morning let me learn more about your love because I trust you.

"Phoebe’s afraid to get a drink."- Our chocolate lab, Phoebe, just got a new collar and the tags hit the water bucket scaring her when she goes to get a drink. Sometimes change brings on new fears. Things change a little and something is new and different. I become afraid of things that I’m not used to. Then I overcome my fears with some patience. Troubles bring along fear also. But in the troubles of life I learn to grow patient with God because God will take care of me. In that patience and testing I learn to listen to God and become alert tow what he will do next. Saul’s life pointed to the need to follow God’s lead, not my own. Whenever Saul struck out on his own, forgetting God, he failed. I need to let God lead. Watch God do it because he is always dependable and his love is everlasting. In this I will build hope which makes me glad. In patience and prayer God will speak and direct. Will I follow? The path may lead through the narrow gate and may be hard. But trusting in God I can be assured that he will teach me every morning about his never failing love. "Phoebe’s afraid to get a drink."- Thanks be to God I can overcome my fears through trust in his steadfast love.

Lord, baptize me this day with a deep drink of your ever-living waters of love. -- Amen

Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29th People Reflection

Monday 5/29/2006

Romans 4-But the story we’re given is a God-story, not an Abraham story…He trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.

1 Samuel 13-What on earth are you doing?

Psalm 58-Is this any way to run a country?

1 Samuel 2.1-10-We cannot win a victory by our own strength.

Proverbs 14.26-35-It’s smart to be patient…

Psalm 15-Who may stay in God’s temple or live on the holy mountain of the LORD?

"I always give the keys to the person with me."- Trying to find some lost keys- trying to re-trace steps- trying to remember…it’s hard at times to remember details. Human memory fails- but God has perfect memory- so that makes it all the more magnificent when I think about how God chooses to forget my sins- chooses to forgive and forget- I can’t do that- I forgive yet still remember. I still remember my sin. I still remember the stench of it. But my story is not God’s story. The story is really a God story not a Bill story. I’m a part of God’s story- God is a part of my story sure but only in the context of his larger story. So the things I do- the sins I commit- just like the sin of Adam and Eve play into God’s story. The story of salvation. It’s not about how I run my life but about how God runs my life. Will I follow him? Will I hear his voice? Will I choose to leave his story for my own? Will I forget about God? I must see that it’s not about my strength that saves me but about the strength of God that saves me. I must trust in God and be patient and loyal and serving. "I always give the keys to the person with me." – I think I did---Did I?

Lord, I give you the keys of my life- I trust in you and you alone to guide me and take me in the direction you choose. I’m ready to go when you are. -- Amen

Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 28th People Reflection

Sunday 5/28/2006

Romans 3.9-31-He got us out of the mess we’re in and restored us to where he always wanted us to be. And he did it by means of Jesus Christ…God does not respond to what we do; we respond to what God does…Our lives get in step with God and all others by letting him set the pace, not by proudly or anxiously trying to run the parade.

1 Samuel 12-don’t turn your back on GOD. Worship and serve him heart and soul!

Psalm 57-Soar high in the skies, O God! Cover the whole earth with your glory!

John 17.6-19-Then they will be one with each other, just as you and I are one.

Job 38.1-7-How did I lay the foundation for the earth?

Psalm 52-…I can count on his love forever and ever.

"They all look alike."- Steph helping me pick out a birthday gift—getting a little confused—me too! It’s nice to think that God doesn’t view all of US alike. He looks at each one of us as individuals. Each with a special purpose in mind. Each of us get into our own special mess and God restores us out of our messes to where he always wants us to be – through Jesus Christ we are all restored. It’s not about what I did to get into the mess really-it’s more about what God has done to get me out of it- God in this way doesn’t respond to what I do- like if I think I’m being all the good and stuff- that’s a bunch of crap on my part- I’ll never really be good enough by what I do- but it’s about what God has done through Jesus- and what matters is my response to God. I love God and will respond in service and love for others- I can’t help that. –but sometimes I get my response even twisted around and try to set my own pace- well- it’s not about me and my timing – it’s about God and his timing and what he would have me do and how he would have me live. I can’t turn my back on God and do my own thing. That only causes a mess on my part. I must face God and listen and look and do what he wants. I must worship and serve God with heart and soul. Put my all into it. Because God is great – his love is way out there- soaring high and covering the earth. God asks Job how did I lay the foundation for the earth/ Well, I’m not real sure – but I know the foundation for me and my life must be in the rock, Jesus Christ- and since Jesus was present at creation- maybe that’s the Rock the earth was built on. Everything built on the foundation of Jesus as Savior. I CAN count on his love forever and ever. "They all look alike."- Thanks be to God he loves us all alike too.

Lord I give you thanks for the day and for your endless, creative, saving love. --- Amen

Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 27th People Reflection

Saturday 5/27/2006

Romans 2.1-3.8-God is kind, but he’s not soft. In kindness he takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life-change.

1 Samuel 10.17-11.15-The Spirit of God came on Saul when he heard the report and he flew into a rage.

Psalm 56-Now I stroll at leisure with God in the sunlit fields of life.

1 John 5.9-13-God has also said that he gave us eternal life and that this life comes to us from his Son.

Jeremiah 38.4-13-Take thirty of my soldiers and pull Jeremiah out before he dies.

Psalm 77-Our LORD, I will remember the things you have done…

"That dog can find underwear."- Phoebe our chocolate lab has a "Sarah underwear fetish"—Even to the point of finding some of her new underwear in the package, on the counter and opening the package and parading around the house with her new underwear in her mouth. She will do the same thing with socks to but this time she is picking on Sarah. It’s a strange behavior. Sometimes I think God behaves strange towards me. When I think things are under control my world turns upside down. I lose control. I feel punished by God. Other times when things are at a low point I see God working. Working for a radical life change. Taking care of me in tough and easy ways. Whichever works for his plan. When the Spirit took control of Saul he flew into a rage. That was what Saul needed. He needed backbone at the time. Just previous he was hiding amongst the baggage when God called him as King through Samuel. Sure looked like a huge wimp to me. But now that he needed strength for battle the Sprit flew him into a rage. A radical life change. God gives me eternal life through his Son Jesus. I deserve death, hell and damnation for my sin but God gives Life. A radical life change. An eternal Life change. Jeremiah was thrown into a well- the King sent thirty people to pull him out of the well- a radical life change. If I pause and think back through all the stories in the Bible- time after time I see that radical life change. That peculiar behavior – that love of God- "That dog can find underwear." – Peculiar behavior- but maybe a radical Life change is in store.

Lord-change me in a radical way to your glory this day. -- Amen

Friday, May 26, 2006

May 26th People Reflection

Friday 5/26/2006

Romans 1.16-32-They pretended to know it all, but were illiterate regarding life.

1 Samuel 9.1-10.16-I have a word of God to give you…the Spirit of GOD will cone on you and you’ll be prophesying…and you’ll be transformed. You’ll be a new person!

Psalm 55-Those long hours of leisure as we walked arm in arm, God a third party to our conversation.

Acts 1.15-17, 21-26-Then they all prayed, "Lord, you know what everyone is like! Show us the one you have chosen to be an apostle and to serve in place of Judas…"

John 5.31-47-The Scriptures tell about me…

Psalm 119.169-176-I am your servant, but I have wandered away like a lost sheep. Please come after me, because I have not forgotten your teachings.

"She doesn’t understand what’s happening."- Phoebe our chocolate lab and a thunderstorm. The dog was afraid yet at the same time curious. Sometimes in my life with God, I stray. Pretend to know it all but I’m actually illiterate regarding life. I don’t understand the thunderstorm really. But I think I do. And eventually I come to realize I need God in the midst of the storm. I can’t make it on my own. I’m not all I thought I was and I must have God in my life. He must be my center and I must center in him. In Jesus. And when it comes to this finally I hear the Word of God given to me all along. I feel the Spirit come to me and transform me into a new person. Called and given attention by God to be his servant with him centered in my life. It’s never about me but about God. Yea, God in that leisure walk arm in arm as a third party to our conversation. When I forget that God is present – I fall—but with God present in that walk the Spirit overtakes both of us in the walk and we serve God in joy and happiness. That heart beating between two clasped hands must be the heart of God. Without that heart of God we have nothing but our sinful selves. God knows how everyone is- especially myself and he knows how he will use me. When I stray and turn from God he gathers me in like a lost sheep and guides me back to him. "She doesn’t understand what’s happening." – And neither do I – but I do believe as Luther states—"I believe that I cannot by my own understanding or effort believe in Jesus Christ my Lord, or come to him. BUT the Holy Spirit has called me through the Gospel, enlightened me with his gifts, and sanctified and keeps me in true faith…This is most certainly true.

Lord, I believe through your Spirit- keep in this day and use me. -- Amen

Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25th People Reflection

Thursday 5/25/2006

Romans 1.1-15-You are who you are through this gift and call of Jesus Christ!

1 Samuel 8-We will have a king to rule us!

Psalm 54-I thank you, GOD—you’re so good.

Acts 1.1-14-But the Holy Spirit will come upon you and give your power.

Psalm 47-God goes up to his throne, as people shout and trumpets blast.

"I didn’t mean to hurt you."- An apology- Sometimes pain can be a gift. It tells me when something is wrong. It tells me when I need healing. It tells me that I am being healed. I am who I am through the gift of pain. I am who I am through the gift of God’s grace and the call of Jesus Christ. Jesus the one true King to rule all people for all time- God is so good. Even in the pain God is good. In the pain of departure of Jesus God sent the Holy Spirit with power upon the early Christians. Power in the pain. And God went up to his throne with a shout of praise. "I didn’t mean to hurt you." – Goes both ways sort of. Thanks be to God!

Lord, I praise you in your glory as I look forward to your triumphant return on the clouds. -- Amen

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24th People Reflection

Wednesday 5/24/2006

Acts 28.16-31-But we would like very much to hear more.

1 Samuel 6-7-If you are truly serious about coming back to GOD, clean house. Get rid of the foreign gods and fertility goddesses, ground yourselves firmly in GOD, worship him and him alone, and he’ll save you from Philistine oppression.

Psalm 53-God turns life around.

2 Esdras 17.74-78-Do not fear or doubt, for God is your guide.

Psalm 1-The LORD protects everyone who follows him…

Galatians 4.1-7-Now that we are his children, God has sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts.

Psalm 90-When morning comes, let your love satisfy all our needs.

"Would you want to go out for lunch today?"- My friend wanting to go out for lunch. I bring my lunch but go out from time to time. We talk a little more when we go out. We share our lives at all lunches. But going out is a little special. As I Child of God I yearn to hear more. I yearn to listen to God – to follow- to serve. Yet there are times I stray. But God always calls me back. Turns life around. And God tells me if I’m truly serious about coming back I must clean house. God forgives my sin day after day but I still must repent and rid myself of the foreign gods and make God my God alone. And in this I take no fear or doubt—God is my guide and protection. Yea- I’m his child and he takes care of me and sends his Spirit into my heart. Day after day and morning after morning – God’s love meets all my needs. "Would you want to go out for lunch today?" – Sure- I want to talk to you!

Lord send your Spirit into my heart today and let your love satisfy all my needs. -- Amen

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23rd People Reflection

Tuesday 5/23/2006

Acts 28.1-15-We spent a wonderful three months on Malta.

1 Samuel 4-5-Glory is exiled from Israel since the Chest of God was taken.

Psalm 52-I thank you always that you went into action.

2 Esdras 16.68-73-Then the tested quality of my elect shall be manifest, like gold that is tested by fire.

Psalm 47-Sing praises to God our King, the ruler of all the earth!

Acts 23.1-11-Maybe a spirit or an angel really did speak to him.

Psalm 24-He is our LORD the All-Powerful!

"The mysterious lives of two best friends." – A comment about Mark and myself. Mysterious lives—I think those were the words. Life is a mystery. Paul on his way to trial in Rome is shipwrecked. And it turned out to be three wonderful months on an island- a mystery. God leads me into mystery of life day after day. Just when I think I’m in control and have it all planned out- mystery. The Ark of the Covenant was taken from Israel by the Philistines. The Ark brought death and tumors and all sorts of issues to the people who didn’t respect it. Life in this Ark of God became a mystery of life to the Philistines. Then God takes action in my life. Does something-changes me- mystery of life. God tests me day after day- I never know what the test may be- but in the tests he strengthens me- mystery day after day. In all this mystery I realize that I am not in control but that I am a part of God’s control. Will I be willing? Will I go faithfully where God chooses to send me? Will I obey? I think in all this mystery I must give in to God- I must and WILL follow his call – I WILL trust in God – because in the mystery is life. Life in Jesus- Life through the grace of God- the mystery becomes Life in me and creates a deep joy and love beyond my understanding- a mystery of my own- He is our Lord All-Powerful – a Mystery of Life- "The mysterious lives of two best friends." – Jesus and myself- Myself and Mark- Myself and whoever God gives.

Lord, I thank you for the glorious mystery you involve me in- this Mystery gives Life. Lead me and guide me this day to reach out in love to whomever that mysterious life you place in my path this day. -- Amen

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 22nd People Reflection

Monday 5/22/2006

Acts 27.13-44-Last night God’s angel stood at my side, an angel of this God I serve, saying to me. "Don’t give up…"

1 Samuel 3-Speak, GOD. I’m your servant, ready to listen.

Psalm 51-Generous in love—God, give grace! Huge in mercy—wipe out my bad record. Scrub away my guilt, soak out my sins in your laundry. I know how bad I’ve bee; my sins are staring me down.

2 Esdras 16.53-67-You shall be put to shame when your sins come out before others, and your own iniquities shall stand as your accusers on that day.

Ephesians 1.15-23-The Spirit will make you wise and let you understand what it means to know God.

John 15.18-27-The Spirit will help you and will tell you about me.

Psalm 9-I will praise you, LORD, with all my heart and tell about the wonders you have worked.

"May the Body and Blood of Christ transform you."- Communion- transformation. –Confession-Forgiveness-Connection to God—Lives transformed-Saul-David- so many people – lives transformed by the power of the Spirit- Sinful, fallen people- Transformed and recreated by God- Hear the angel – Don’t give up- God is with me- Speak God I’m ready to listen- Lives transformed- Generous in love God gives grace and huge mercy to wipe out my bad record – to scrub away my guilt- lives transformed- washed clean- lives transformed- The Spirit will make me wise- lives transformed- the Spirit will let me understand – lives transformed- the Spirit will tell me about Jesus –lives transformed- and I will praise God with all my heart- lives transformed- "May the Body and Blood of Christ transform you."

Transform me through the action of your Spirit - Amen

Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21st People Reflection

Sunday 5/21/2006

Acts 27.1-12-We ran into bad weather and found it impossible to stay on course.

1 Samuel 2.12-36-The boy Samuel stayed at the sanctuary and grew up with GOD.

Psalm 50-This is God, your God, speaking to you.

2 Esdras 16.35-52-Listen now to these things, and understand them, you who are servants of the Lord. This is the word of the Lord; receive it and do not disbelieve what the Lord says.

John 15.9-17-The greatest way to show love for friends is to die for them.

Luke 22.14-22-This is my blood. It is poured out for you, and with it God makes his new agreement.

Psalm 116.1-14-I love you LORD!

"It wasn’t even close to noon."- It was 11am- I told the girls it was almost noon. They were supposed to be helping clean the house. Well….close is a relative term- maybe not close in minutes but close in hours? How does that sound? They got up and helped. I need to watch my relationship with God. Keep it close. For God is always close. But at times I draw away. I run the other way and I’m not close. But God seems to run after me. God seems to find me and open new opportunities for me to be close to him. God finds me in the bad weather when I’m finding it impossible to stay on course; God finds a way to put me back on course. Samuel grew up in the sanctuary with God. But I think in my life God is growing up in my sanctuary of life. God is growing up with me, inviting me out to play. Giving me chance after chance to serve him in his kingdom. I must listen to God, understand and be his servant. This is his Word and I believe it. I can hear his Word each morning in prayer and devotion. See his Word active in places, people and things all day long as I play in his kingdom. Jesus standing at the door asking, "Can Billy come out and play?" – Will I?- This is God, your God, speaking to you. And in that play I meet other friends along the way. Friends that Jesus introduces to me. Friends I am willing to die for. Friends that together we share in Jesus blood poured out for us and friends who hear just as I hear; God’s new agreement. I love you Jesus! I want to be close to you. Thank you for finding me in the storm. Thank you for shaking my shoulders and leading me to see you when I have turned away. "It wasn’t even close to noon." – But you are always close to me.

Jesus, you are close to me always. Spin me around and straighten me out when I need it. -- Amen

Saturday, May 20, 2006

May 20th People Reflection

Saturday 5/20/2006

Acts 26.19-32-I couldn’t just walk away from a vision like that! I became an obedient believer on the spot. I started preaching this life-change—this radical turn to God and everything it meant in everyday life..

1 Samuel 1.1-2.11-The only thing I’ve been pouring out is my heart, pouring it out to GOD.

Psalm 49-We aren’t immortal. We don’t last long. Like our dogs, we age and weaken. And die.

1 John 5.1-6-Water and blood came out from the side of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t just water, but water and blood.

1 John 3.1-3-think how much the Father loves us.

Psalm 115-I pray that the LORD will let your family and your descendants always grow strong.

"Sorry, I’m just having a bad day." – An apology I overheard from one person to another. After a little bit of a tif. Saul had so much to be sorry for. He persecuted the early Christians – even to the point of death. But Jesus turned all that around in a drastic way. So drastic that later on Paul stood before authorities and proclaimed Christianity boldly and fearlessly. He could walk away from a vision like that. Paul was made an obedient believer on the spot- Paul pouring out his heart before God. Like Hannah and her prayers to God. Like me at times. Pouring out my heart to God. Knowing that God is God. I can’t do this on my own. God brings times in life that make me live his truths. God makes me live his Word even when it is tough to take. But in this living out of God’s Word- I learn first hand- without a doubt – can’t just walk away from it- I learn the lesson. It’s not just about the water of my baptism- the grace and the free gift – it’s also about the blood- God teaches me through the blood- through the suffering and death- and God gave me Jesus blood-suffering and death to show me how he will be with me through it all- through the refreshing waters of my baptism and the hard core blood of his sacrifice and the reality of my sin. Now there is something to think about—think how much the Father loves us. He is with me in the good and the bad- cheering me along the entire way- And in all of my struggle there are others- I pray God will let all of us grow strong- through the good and the bad. "Sorry, I’m just having a bad day." – Well- that’s ok—you will be strong because God is with you in the good ones and the bad ones too.

Lord, lead me this day in the good and the bad. Let me hear your voice –follow your call and be obedient to you. -- Amen

Friday, May 19, 2006

May 19th People Reflection

Friday 5/19/2006

Acts 26.1-18-I have a job for you.

Ruth 3-4-Maybe it’s time to make our move.

Psalm 48-Then you can tell the next generation, detail by detail the story of God, Our God forever, who guides us till the end of time.

2 Esdras 16.18-34-yet for all this they will not turn from their iniquities…

Acts 10.44-48-…the Holy Spirit took control of everyone who was listening.

2 Samuel 12.15-23-Someday I will join him in death…

Psalm 130-I trust your promises.

"Don’t you think this one looks appealing?" – A sign advertising an event. A picture painted with feeling and emotion and fun. She was happy that this was her job. She had a job she enjoyed. When we do what we enjoy-when we do what God calls us to do we are willing and happy to make our move. Ruth had hope for a kinsman redeemer. Hope in the future and it was time to make her move. Time to go for it out of joy. Sure she could have been disappointed—but there was hope involved. So make the move. In making the move and following God’s direction; God creates a live story in us. A story to be told to the next generation of how God is alive and active in my life and the life of those I’m with. God alive and active through failed human flesh-changing something flawed into something good. Letting the Holy Spirit take control- if only I listen—I will follow even to death. With God in my life I have trust, hope and love for all he promises. "Don’t you think this one looks appealing?" – Looks great to me!

Lord, I’m listening and ready to follow. Use me this day for whatever exciting plan you have. -- Amen

Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18th People Reflection

Thursday 5/18/2006

Acts 25-Just because a man is accused, we don’t throw him out to the dogs.

Ruth 1-2-How does this happen that you should pick me out and treat me so kindly—me, a foreigner?

Psalm 47-The powers of earth are God’s—he soars over all.

2 Esdras 16.1-17-Who will deliver me in those days?

Psalm 98-Let them worship the LORD!

James 4.13-15-What do you know about tomorrow? How can you be so sure about your life? It is nothing more than mist that appears for only a little while before it disappears.

Psalm 56-I trust you and am not afraid. No one can harm me.

"This may not fix it…the problem is so intermittent." –A couple of technicians at work. Attempting a repair on a problem that only occurs now and then. But this problem has the impact of thousands of dollars each time it occurs. Just because a man is accused, we don’t throw him out to the dogs. I’m so thankful that God doesn’t throw me out when I sin. He attempts a repair. In fact he provided the solution with himself in Jesus. Gives his all for my repair. Treats me kindly when I am undeserving. God all powerful- God the creator who soars over all. Jesus is the one to deliver me. Delivers me from the mystery of tomorrow. Delivers me from a life like a mist that appears and gives me purpose, hope and salvation. In Jesus deliverance I will trust and not be afraid. In Jesus deliverance I will worship Him forever more. "This may not fix it…the problem is so intermittent."- Thanks be to God for providing the final repair.

Lord, I will follow you in trust—gladly worshiping you each and every day of my mysterious life. -- Amen

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

May 17th People Reflection

Wednesday 5/17/2006

Acts 24.10-27-As Paul continued to insist on right relations with God and his people, about a life of moral discipline and the coming Judgment…

Judges 21-At that time there was no king in Israel. People did whatever they felt like doing.

Psalm 46-GOD of angel armies protects us.

2 Esdras 15.46-63-therefor you shall receive your recompense…

1 Thessalonians 5.12-28-Friends, please pray for us.

Isaiah 46.3-4-I created you. I will carry you and always keep you safe.

Psalm 71-You have taught me since I was a child, and I never stop telling about your marvelous deeds.

"You didn’t notice." – I didn’t notice that we were sitting in the Non-smoking area. By request. For me. I didn’t notice. I need to notice the details. I need to notice acts of love. I need to see better and have greater vision. It’s about relationship. Relationship with God. About life and moral discipline as I wait for Jesus’ return. I need to be diligent and notice Jesus active and alive, day after day. There may not have been an earthly king in Israel but there was God, the King of eternity. Today I have Jesus as my King. Jesus and an army of angels sent to protect me. Jesus and that army praying on my behalf, keeping me safe. I will have to pay for my sin. There are results. But the cost won’t be paid with my money. The cost has already been paid with the suffering, and death of Jesus for my sin. And that’s a huge thing to notice. "You didn’t notice."- Well maybe now I see--- You have taught me since I was a child---I will never stop telling of your marvelous deeds.

Prayer-Lord, help me to pay attention to you this day. -- Amen

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May 16th People Reflection

Tuesday 5/16/2006

Acts 23.23-24.9-You’ll be able to verify all these accusations when you examine him yourself.

Judges 20-And GOD said, "Attack. Tomorrow I’ll give you victory."

Psalm 45-My heart bursts its banks…

2 Esdras 15.34-45-See the clouds from the east, and from the north to the south!

1 Thessalonians 5.1-10-Christ died for us, so that we could live with him…

Matthew 26.62-66-Soon you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right side of God All-Powerful and coming on the clouds of heaven.

Psalm 26-Don’t sweep me away, as you do sinners.

"Now I’ll have to explain that." – A prank that was wrong. Shouldn’t have done it. The person didn’t think it was funny at all. I needed to examine myself – examine my actions- I won’t be able to verify my actions. But in the case of Paul- on trial- his actions were pure and good. Actions- God calls me to action. His action- His call- Even into battle when needed. Will I hear and follow? Or will I turn and run—It takes heart to follow God’s call to action- a heart that is passionate and bursts it’s banks- See the clouds from all directions- a storm is brewing – and Jesus will come in action on those clouds- All-Powerful and in action- The time is up- the decision must be made- Jesus offered his life and grace for me- will I act?- Jesus WILL act- what will I do?—I think I’ll believe and trust in Jesus’ grace and love that I have been delivered- in the meantime – I’ll act in the way God calls me to act. – "Now I’ll have to explain that."- Forgive me- I won’t do that again.

Prayer-Lord, I turn to you and ask forgiveness of my sin- what I have done and what I have left undone. Send me this day to act on your call. -- Amen

Monday, May 15, 2006

May 15th People Reflection

Monday 5/15/2006

Acts 22.30-23.22-It’s going to be all right. Everything is going to turn out for the best. You’ve been a good witness for me here in Jerusalem. Now you’re going to be my witness in Rome!

Judges 19-Think about it! Talk it over. Do something!

Psalm 44-If you love us so much, Help us!

2 Esdras 15.28-33-an enemy in ambush shall attack them and destroy one of them…

1 Thessalonians 4.13-18-From that time on we will all be with the Lord forever. Encourage each other with these words.

Philippians 2.5-11-So at the name of Jesus everyone will bow down, those in heaven, on earth, and under the earth.

Psalm 10-Why are you far away, LORD?

"There’s some wax on that pillow; so this must be my pew." –A little old lady trying to find her pew in a UCC Church I went to in Conover NC. I think I threw her off. Something unexpected. Anyway- she found her pew by the wax on the seat cushion. But unlike this woman, Paul had to move on to different ground. On to Jerusalem. Everything would turn out fine. But there was a storm brewing. And Paul would have to weather the storm for God. Paul had done his work and was now ready to witness in Rome. It was time to leave the message he had presented and let the people think about it, talk it over and do something. Another message was sent in the Judges passage. Israelite men had been awful to a concubine. Raped her all night long in the place of having another male. The concubine was cut into twelve pieces and sent to the tribes of Israel. Think about it- Talk it over- Do something. And that’s the way it is with sin. Think about it – Talk it over- Do something. Beware of the evil enemy that will ambush and destroy. Encourage one another. We all sin – Think about it – Talk it over- Do something. And God did do something- he sent his Son into the world to take on my sin and save me – Think about it – Talk it over – Do something. God is not far away from me- he draws close to me- it’s I who get "far away from God" – I run in shame from God- but God comes to me – even in my sin- especially in my sin- Think about it – Talk it over – Do something. – Sometimes it’s time to change- go to a different pew and see God in a different light- let his warmth and love follow right along and in the change – Think about it – Talk it over – Do something. – "There’s some wax on that pillow; so this must be my pew." – But what if someone sits in THAT spot next Sunday? – Think about it- Talk it over – Do something.

Prayer-Lord help me this day to reflect on your grace – Think about it –Talk it over – Do something -- Amen

Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14th People Reflection

Sunday 5/14/2006
Acts 21.37-22.29-Get up and get yourself baptized, scrubbed clean of
those sins and personally acquainted with God.
Judges 17-18-In those days there was no king of Israel. People did
whatever they felt like doing.
Psalm 43-Fix my eyes on God?soon I?ll be praising again. He puts a
smile on my face. He?s my God.
John 15.1-8-Separated, you can?t produce a thing.
1 Samuel 1.21-28-I prayed for this child, and GOD gave me what I asked
for. And now I have dedicated him to GOD. He?s dedicated to GOD for
Psalm 113-?gives them joy as the parents of children

?I?m station in Georgia.? ? A friend of Sarah?s in the Navy. A walk
after a long drive and some conversation. Catching up on lives. How
things change. Day after day God brings change into life. For Paul it
was a constant change. But a huge change after he saw Jesus. Paul now
was called and directed to change his life completely. Do just the
opposite of what he had previously been doing. I?m called to change
to ? called to turn from sin- hear His voice and follow. I can?t do
whatever I feel like doing. I must do what God calls me to do. I must
fix my eyes on God and do as he instructs. When I think of all that
God has done for me that must can bring fear- but it is also bringing
a deep joy and satisfaction and love. That must ? puts a smile on my
face because God is my God. I can?t be separated from him. I am his
child ? dedicated to him for life. And that?s the joy of the child to
the parent. I will follow God because he has shown the way. ?I?m
stationed in Georgia.? ? I?m r
eady for whatever change you bring on this day.

Prayer- Lord, teach me to love Your change. I give my life to you. Now
change me as you wish. -- Amen

Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 13th People Reflection

Saturday 5/13/2006
Acts 21.1-36-The issue in Jerusalem is not what they do to me, whether
they arrest or murder, but what the Master Jesus does through my
obedience. Can?t you see that?
Judges 16-Master, GOD! Oh, please look on me again, Oh, please, give
me strength yet once more. God!
Psalm 42-I want to drink God, deep draughts of God. I?m thirsty for
1 John 4.7-21-My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other
since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and
experiences relationship with God?But if we love one another, God
dwells deeply within us, and his love becomes complete in us?perfect
love!?First we were loved , now we love. He loved us first?The command
we have from Christ is blunt: Loving God includes loving people.
You?ve got to love both.
Genesis 45.4-8-So you see, it wasn?t you who sent me here but God.
Psalm 105-Sing him songs, belt out hymns, translate his wonders into

?That was poor acting.? ? A comment about the movie Unidentified. An
awful attempt at evangelism. Yuck!- A message that is vital but really
presented in a ?smug? way and presented poorly. But it?s not about
what I think anyway. It?s about Jesus ? his life- his love and how
deep that love is. Deep enough to give his life for mine- and in that
life Jesus give me strength ? again and again- Jesus comes to me and
loves me- love so deep it makes me want to drink deep draughts of his
love- thirsty for Jesus- and in this thirst I can reach out to the
world in testimony to a God close to me in my life- unafraid of
some ?Rapture? but joyous of a life which begins in and through Jesus
gift of salvation- not sometime when people disappear in some cruel
trick of smug Christians- but a real gift of love and life that begins
now- the moment I accept Jesus into my life- it?s not about me- it?s
not about what I do but about what God did for me first. I love
because he first loved me?So you
see?it wasn?t you who sent me but God?and God came to me first-
releasing me to a life here and now of joyous praise and thanksgiving ?
not to wait for some future event ? Jesus will come again that?s for
sure- but I also know of Jesus here and now?and for now ? that?s
enough for me. ?That was poor acting.? ? But there is one act none of
us can follow and that?s the act of God becoming flesh and saving all
creation. Do you believe? I Believe!

Prayer-Lord ? thank you for coming ? thank you for your love?now send
me out to love some friends with your perfect love. -- Amen

Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12th People Reflection

Friday 5/12/2006

Acts 20.17-38-The pain cut deep.

Judges 14-15-And then the Spirit of GOD came on him with great power.

Job 42-I’m sorry—forgive me. I’ll never do that again, I promise!

2 Esdras 15.20-27-For God knows all who sin against him…

Acts 8.26-40-Do you understand what you are reading?

Esslesiastes 3.1-14-God makes everything happen at the right time.

Psalm 75-But I will always tell about you, the God of Jacob, and I will sing your praise.

"I need you to go to this meeting for me." – A request from a friend. Something important came up. So I stop what I’m doing and go. Respond to the need. Maybe due to a deep pain. Maybe due to an emergency. Paul had to move on in his ministry. Move on to Jerusalem. The pain of his leaving cut deep. Sometimes God asks me to do things that bring pain on others. I must follow his call. Trusting that the Spirit will provide all people the strength needed. God has done this in the past. Look at how God provided Samson the strength he needed in his wild life. Even through my sin God provides for what I need. Forgiveness when I wrong him- restoration and salvation. God provides someone to help me hear his voice and his Word. Like Philip—just out of the blue- get up and go—Philip must have wondered- then he showed the eunuch the path to salvation through Jesus. God made and still makes it all happen at the right time. And in this I will always tell about God and sing his praise forever. "I need you to go to this meeting for me." – OK- Lord – I hear your call and trust in you.

Prayer- Lord-send someone to help me understand and show me where to go this day- I’m ready-- Amen

Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 11th People Reflection

Thursday 5/11/2006

Acts 20.1-16-We were meeting in a well-lighted upper room.

Judges 13-The boy grew and GOD blessed him.

Job 41-I’m in charge of all this—I run this universe!

2 Esdras 15.5-19-…but I will bring them out with a mighty hand and with an uplifted arm…

Psalm 22.25-31-People not yet born will be told, "The Lord has saved us!"

Luke 10.38-42-…but only one thing is necessary.

Psalm 30-You have turned my sorrow into joyful dancing.

"You’re here for my award winning presentation." – A trainer at work introducing a mandatory training topic required by the FAA. A meeting of people. I want to be in that upper-room in a meeting. About my favorite subject. Faith in Jesus--- trust in God—talking with other believers- sharing lives- showing love and helping each other out as needed. That’s growth. Growth from God in and through others. A God that is in charge of it all chooses to use his created beings to love each other. Chooses to be one of us in Jesus and save us. Chooses to "grow" us into his loving creation. Chooses us before birth and saves me before my birth. In that upper room where sorrow is turned into joyful dancing in the presence of Jesus. Where we laugh and play together and hold the heart of Jesus in our hands. Only one thing is necessary---BELIEVE! – I believe! – Yea- in that upper-room. – "You’re here for my award winning presentation." – Thanks be to God for that Upper-Room.

Prayer-Lord – I BELIEVE!!! -- Amen

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10th People Reflection

Wednesday 5/10/2006

Acts 19.21-41-a huge ruckus occurred over what was now being referred to as "the Way"

Judges 11.34-12.15-GOD did his part and saved you

Job 40-I’m ready to shut up and listen.

1 Thessalonians 2.1-12-My friends, you know that our time with you wasn’t wasted.

Lamentations 3.1-25-Deep in my heart I say, "The LORD is all I need; I can depend on him!"

Psalm 28-Be our shepherd and always carry us in your arms.

"You are about to expire." – That computer generated voice at the gym. I told the man at the counter that I would talk to him after my workout when I would be about to expire in more ways than one. As I am about to expire I realize that God does his part. He saves me – He leads me- And none of his time is wasted. Expiring is not a threat. For in God I will never expire. I can depend on God’s promises and his salvation. "You are about to expire." – Thanks be to God that has been taken care of.

Prayer-Lord, fill me with Life this day. – Amen

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 9th People Reflection

Tuesday 5/9/2006

Acts 19.1-20-Did you take God into your mind only, or did you also embrace him with your heart? Did he get inside you?

Judges 10.1-11.33-But the king of the Ammonites refused to listen to a word that Jephthah has sent him.

Job 39-Did you command the eagle’s flight…

2 Esdras 15.1-4-Speak in the ears of my people the words of the prophecy that I will put in your mouth…

1 Thessalonians 1.1-10-I pray that God will be kind to you and will bless you with peace! We thank God for you and always mention you in our prayers. Each time we pray, we tell God our father about your faith and loving work and about your firm hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew 18.23-35-…forgive each of my followers with all your heart.

Psalm 85-Love and loyalty will come together; goodness and peace will unite.

"Not angry…" Reassuring words. Sometimes I think I have angered someone. Don’t know how or why but may have done something, said something, that was taken in the wrong context. Then it weighs on my mind and my mind begins to create images of anger from the other person. Words from the other person set things straight once again and the foolish thoughts are cleared from my mind and heart. Sometimes I take the wrong thing to heart. But in Christ I embrace his love with my heart. I feel his love and never any anger. I think maybe the Spirit keeps this all straight. And God blesses me way beyond anything I deserve. So in my heart I feel the love of Christ. I want others to feel the love of Christ through me in their hearts also. And to not mistake it for none other than the love of Christ. For in this way Jesus lives in me and I in him. It’s tough sometimes. Because my sinfulness keeps getting in the way. But once I let Jesus take those sins- once I accept his forgiveness- it clears the way for me to forgive and let Jesus shine. It is like an eagle’s flight piloted by God and directed by Jesus. I pray God will be king to you- bless you- I thank God for you and pray for you and revel in your firm hope of Jesus. Love and loyalty between God and Man- God and Friend- Friend and Friend. Goodness and peace unite and God is present in and through. "Not angry…" – No not at all- All in love through Christ Jesus my Savior.

Prayer-Lord- let me be an instrument this day to help love and loyalty, and goodness and peace unite through Jesus Christ – today ---- Amen

Monday, May 08, 2006

May 8th People Reflection

Monday 5/8/2006

Acts 18-as he brought out proof after convincing proof from the Scriptures that Jesus was in fact God’s Messiah.

Judges 9-Now listen…

Job 38-"And have you ever ordered Morning, ‘Get up!’ told Dawn, ‘Get to work!’

Colossians 3.18-4.18-Never give up praying.

Acts 9.19b-25-Everyone who heard Saul was amazed and said, "Isn’t this the man who caused so much trouble for those people in Jerusalem who worship in the name of Jesus?

Psalm 70-Let your worshipers celebrate and be glad because of you.

"Empowered, Engaged, Excited…" – "E" words were the topic of the sermon. People sent to minister to show and be Christ in the world. To those in need physically and spiritually. Plain ol people. Sinners- but people bearing the power of the Spirit and have Christ in their lives. Proof of Jesus life – alive in the world today- giving, loving people- Now listen- Who tell the Morning ‘Get up!’ --- Get to work! – God of course- listen- pray – listen- Another "E" word – Everyone – everyone is involved – all the people- even Saul- one who was persecuting and killing Christians- now involved – "E" words- Let your worshipers celebrate and be glad because of you. "Empowered, Engaged, Excited…" – Everyone!

Prayer- Lord, use me this day along with everyone else you choose! -- Amen

Sunday, May 07, 2006

May 6th and 7th People Reflections

Saturday 5/6/2006

Acts 17.1-15-…Paul was at it again, preaching the Word of God…

Judges 6-Bring out your son! He must die!

Job 36-Take a long, hard look, See how great he is—infinite, greater than anything you could ever imagine or figure out!

2 Esdras 14.27-36-…rule over your minds and discipline your hearts…

1 John 3.16-24-We know what love is because Jesus gave his life for us. That’s why we must give our lives for each other…. God wants us to have faith in his Son Jesus Christ and to love each other.

1 John 1.8-2.2-But if we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away.

Psalm 32-You said to me, "I will point out the road that you should follow."

"Here, you take her." – Walking the dogs- they only seem to know one way now. Sadie on my left and Phoebe on my right. If anyone else is walking with me and wishes to walk one of the two; the dogs get confused and are hard to walk. The passages today remind me of how I can get confused if I’m not in the "norm" – But thanks be to God there are those like Paul- who will come to me again and again and preach the Word of God—thanks be to God there are those word in scripture that retell the story of Jesus – how God sent his son out of love to die for me- thanks be to God there are friends that point out how wonderful and awesome God is in prayer – in creation- in oceans- in mountains- and in people all around me- thanks be to God there are those who give me direction and discipline when I need in and who touch my heart at just the right time- thanks be to God there are those that remind me of the life Jesus gave for me and show their love for me- thanks be to God that he places people in my life that I can give my love and life to- thanks be to God that he forgives my sin and takes them away and thanks be to God that he sends people into my life the whisper the direction that God wants me to take--- yea --- I love the norm- but God reaches out to me through others to help me change my life- and God reaches out through others and through his Word and his Son to change me radically – "Here, you take her." – I’ll change.

Prayer- Lord, thank you for friends that help me with change—but most of all thank you Jesus for changing me. -- Amen


Sunday 5/7/2006

Acts 17.16-34-The unknown is now known, and he’s calling for a radical life-change.

Judges 7-8-GOD, will reign over you.

Job 37-Stop in your tracks! Take in God’s miracle-wonders!

2 Esdras 14.37-48-For in them (70 books) is the spring of understanding, the fountain of wisdom, and the river of knowledge.

John 10.11-18-I am the good shepherd, and the good shepherd gives up his life for his sheep.

1 Corinthians 1.18-31-You are God’s children, He sent Christ Jesus to save us and to make us wise, acceptable, and holy.

Psalm 146-Shout praises to the LORD!

"What’s wrong with you?!" – I was grumpy. Like you get sometimes. But I needed to know that I was in need of a radical change. I needed to realize that God reigns over me. I can’t control all of my emotions. They just happen. And it was time I stop in my tracks and take heed of God. Look and listen to his wisdom and quit following my own foolish pride. It was time that I hear my Shepherd – the Shepherd that gave his life for me the Shepherd that makes me a child of God because he came to save me – It was time to change and shout praises to God! – "What’s wrong with you?!" – God just refocused me—I’ll be ok.

Prayer-Lord- center me in you and you in me and change my heart. – Amen

Friday, May 05, 2006

May 5th People Reflection

Friday 5/5/2006

Acts 16.16-40-Along about midnight, Paul and Silas were at prayer and singing a robust hymn to God.

Judges 4-5-Make music to GOD, to the God of Israel.

Job 35-Job, you talk sheer nonsense—nonstop nonsense!

2 Esdras 14.23-26-and I will light in your heart the lamp of understanding, which shall not be put out until what you are about to write is finished.

Acts 4.5-12-This man is standing here completely well because of the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Romans 14.1-13-But each of you should make up your own mind.

Psalm 112-they have decided to trust the LORD

This was just a look- a girl next to me at the gym- the one machine had a problem keeping time- you would be on it forever- I said something to her about it- so she moved to the other machine to my right- it made a bunch of noise- she gave me a look and a smile of helplessness- I was almost finished so I told her to take the machine I was on. I wonder if the jailer of Paul and Silas gave them a look when they were singing in prison- when the earthquake occurred and everyone stayed put. I wonder about looks- how when we sing praise to God- that look into another person’s eyes- that connection of our spirit with the Spirit of God.- That curiosity – is the other person feeling God move in them too? – What kind of look did Job give to his friends who were there to comfort him but told him that he was talking nonsense? – What kind of look did Jesus give Peter at the denial?- Did they connect? – I think maybe so- in a look we connect spirits- In a look we connect hearts and God’s lamp is lit in that connection- Did Jesus give the people below him at the cross a look?- I think that connection would be a look of love- a look of love beyond understanding- a look that causes me to trust in God. "This was just a look…" – But oh what a look my Savior gives- what a connection of love for eternity!

Prayer-Lord, speak through me today in looks. -- Amen

Thursday, May 04, 2006

May 4th People Reflection

Thursday 5/4/2006

Acts 16.1-15-We hesitated, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Judges 2-3-He’s probably relieving himself in the restroom. They waited, And then they worried—no one was coming out of those locked doors.

Job 34-and see what you think of this

2 Esdras 14.19-22-send the holy spirit into me and I will write everything that has happened in the world from the beginning

Psalm 23-You, LORD, are my shepherd. I will never be in need.

Ephesians 6.10-18-Let the truth be like a belt around your waist, and let God’s justice protect you like armor.

Psalm 86-Make me strong and save me.

"What’s the difference between the white and the yellow lines?" – Steph and a drivers ed question that had me stumped really. She knew the answer though and told me. The early Christians went from town to town preaching the gospel. They were offered hospitality – at first they hesitated. But the hostess wouldn’t take no for an answer. She knew the answer was yes – and that was the way it was going to be. The story in Judges about Ehud stabbing Eglon then leaving him in the restroom. I guess the kings followers thought he fell in. He wasn’t coming out. Well he was dead! Stabbed to death in the fat of his gut that the knife was stuck in there. They didn’t know the answer – but Ehud did. He had rescued Israel and the battle was about to begin. Job trying to figure out what the deal was- why was he being persecuted. All his friends thought they knew the answer. Only God knew. In Esdras the wish is to record it all from the beginning. What’s the answer? We always want to know. But I will never know all the answers. And I kinda like it that way. Because by not knowing all the answers I must trust in God to lead and guide me. To provide for all my needs. I must trust in God to protect me with the armor that only he knows I will need to continue. I must trust in God to make me strong and save me. I must follow like that sheep – and depend on God my shepherd and I will never be in need. So "What’s the difference between the white and the yellow lines?" – I think it just might be to trust God with all my needs.

Prayer-Lord, I look to you and trust in you. -- Amen

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 2nd People Reflection

Wednesday 5/3/2006

Acts 15.22-41-what do I have to do to be saved, to really live? They said, "Put you entire trust in the Master Jesus. Then you’ll live as you were meant to live—and everyone in your house included!"

Judges 1-They kept living there, but they were put to forced labor.

Job 33-we’re both made of the same kind of mud.

2 Esdras 14.3-18-For the eagle that you saw in the vision is already hurrying to come.

Psalm 44.1-3, 20-26-Do something! Help Us! Show how kind you are and come to our rescue.

Acts 5.1-11-What made you do such a thing?

Psalm 41-You, the LORD God of Israel, will be praised forever!

"I had to stand by again."- Sometimes at work we have to "stand by" – when discipline is being administered for security reasons. In case something would go a sour direction. But you can’t live life in the "stand by mode" – You have to live it – really live it – what do I have to do to be saved? – well, don’t live in "stand by"- put your entire trust in Jesus- it’s what he did- and nothing about what I can do- I can’t live this one in "stand by"- I must put my entire trust in what Jesus did to save me- not what I do but what he does- and when I place my trust in God- then I’ll live- really live as I was meant to live- bye bye "stand by" – and I wonder if some of the people in the Promised Land that refused to be defeated- did God let them live? – did they put their trust in God? – don’t know for sure- but God did let them live there- stand by or not- maybe they are like the world to us- maybe they are there to point out that I will have to live with other people who may or may not be Christians – and I have to learn to live with them- learn to love them just the same- they are made from the same kind of mud- and God loves them also- there is just some time and a decision for them ahead- but we all must hurry and make it clear that we put all our trust in Jesus- he is coming again- hurry! – Jesus is coming again to help us and rescue us- even though I am already living eternal life in his name- I must remember- Jesus is coming again- and he will be praised forever. Lord—What made you do such a thing? – I think it is a love beyond all loves. – " I had to stand by again." – bye bye stand by- I’ll place my trust in Jesus and live.

Prayer- Lord- lead me this day- no "stand by" here. -- Amen

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

May 2nd People Reflection

Tuesday 5/2/2006

Acts 15.1-21-Don’t we believe that we are saved because the Master Jesus amazingly and out of sheer generosity moved to save us just as he did those from beyond our nation?

Joshua 23-24-Now, vigilantly guard your souls: Love GOD, your God.

Job 32-it’s God’s Spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible.

2 Esdras 14.1-2-And I answered, "Here I am, Lord," and I rose to my feet.

Isaiah 30.18-21-Whether you turn to the right or to the lift, you will hear a voice saying, "This is the road! Now follow it."

John 8.31-36-If the Son gives you freedom, you are free!

Psalm 25-I offer you my heart, LORD God, and I trust you.

"I found the original movies!"- Sarah’s excitement over finding some original DVD recordings of the Narnia series. Excitement on a find. Jesus is excited about finding me and each person. Out of sheer generosity he did what he did and saved all people. And out of sheer excitement I will love God with all my heart. I will love God for that Breath of Life he has given me in Spirit. For that breath of Life he uses in me day after day. I will jump to me feet for God and declare- Here I am—I wanna go! – Send me and use me! – I will listen with excitement for his voice behind me telling me to turn left or right and showing me the road to travel. I will run with excitement because he has freed me from sin and death. And I will offer with excitement my heart to God in trust, and faith and hope. "I found the original movies!" – How exciting!

Prayer- Lord, you provide all the excitement I need. Thanks be to God! -- Amen

Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1st People Reflection

Monday 5/1/2006
Acts 14-?putting muscle and sinew in the lives of the disciples,
urging them to stick with what they had begun to believe and not quit,
making it clear to them that it wouldn?t be easy: ?Anyone signing up
for the kingdom of God has to go through plenty of hard times.?
Joshua 22-You?re now free to go back to your homes?Only this: Be
vigilant in keeping the Commandment and The Revelation that Moses the
servant of GOD laid on you: Love GOD, your god, walk in all his ways,
do what he?s commanded, embrace him, serve him with everything you are
and have.
Job 31-.The words of Job to his three friends were finished.
John 14.8-14-I will do whatever you ask me to do.
Matthew 25.14-23-?Wonderful!? his master replied, ?You are a good and
faithful servant. I left you in charge of only a little, but now I
will put you in charge of much more. Come and share in my happiness!?
Psalm 128-?your home will be rich with healthy children

?Some thought it was a ghost!??- Part of Pastor Weisner?s sermon-
talking of Jesus- how his presence then and now is real- without a
doubt real- look around and see his presence real- And like the
disciples of Acts ? they had to be real with those in the early church-
if you sign up- it won?t be easy- but Jesus presence even in the
tough stuff- will be and is real! ? You will have to work at it- you
will have to put in your time- it may take longer than you think- but
hang in there- Jesus is hanging there with you and it is his time- be
vigilant and then you will know when the time is right to return home-
and when you return- do all you are commanded- serve God- embrace him
and love him and love those you are given- love God and others with
the love Jesus has shown ? and do whatever he asks ? and when you are
done speaking ? you are done- turn it over to God and trust in him-
trust in him to have put the correct words in your mouth ? you will be
rich beyond measure and a fa
ithful servant ? ?Some thought it was a ghost!? ? His presence is real
and obvious- just look around!

Prayer- Lord, I turn it over to your care -- Amen